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Leeds today: clanger, CAAF, babe, Kermode, a bear, readership, slots, bedroom tax and Scotland.

Hello! Welcome to Friday! Let’s start the day with something to make you cross. Shock! Horror! The ‘Bedroom tax’ is skewed against the North. Note this bit: “The mismatch between people living in overcrowded homes who need to swap with … Continue reading

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Leeds today: robots, salt, transport, revivals, policing, big dog, mud and comedy.

Hello! We hope you enjoyed the long weekend – we certainly did, exploring places we’d not been to before and trying to hunt down some odds and ends – and didn’t get too caught up in the mudfest that was … Continue reading

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Leeds today: heritage, building, baffles, clubs, flowers, wallaby, volunteering and stuff to do!

Glad we’re all still here after last night’s rather impressive storm! Not quite Leeds, but funny for Friday: a wallaby has been spotted near Slaithwaite. I like the ‘how to identify’ section on the right, where you need to look … Continue reading

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Leeds today: cinema, towns, Hairspray, railways, Beeston, clubs, dance and smellies.

Good morning Leeds! With second and third rounds of redundancies facing those of us in the public sector, an expereice close to home for this writer, it’s inspiring to see that the YEP have an  series of articles looking at … Continue reading

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Leeds today: club, books, train, Carnival!, awards, beer, ancestors and heroes.

Hello! Apparently the heatwave is on the way back – so don’t put the suncream away just yet… or the umbrella. This story from the YEP is just brilliant: a group of schoolchildren are running a produce stall in Garforth, … Continue reading

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Leeds today: results, libraries, Cloth, recording, bees, gambling, hidden and walking.

Friday! Let us get on with it. A-level results day was yesterday, and if you want to see how Leeds schools did, here’s a breakdown by school from the YEP. Well done to all. For those who went to (or … Continue reading

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Leeds today: austerity, M&S, Salt’s, Mill, Museum, Degas, skates, freebies, candy and circus.

Good morning Leeds people, I have committed my own cardinal sin of leaving this until the very last minute. At least you may be assured that the quality of news is of the very latest. However, the stress! Gah – … Continue reading

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Leeds today: holidays, crime, bikes, recycling, boxes, Dock, parking and wildlife

Good morning! I hope this Monday morning finds you all well. There’s lots to report today! I have taken a trip across the Mediterranean to Sicily, where I’m staying in the old town of Palermo. In national news I have … Continue reading

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The monthly @Leedsbookclub: Summer is here, yay!

Howdy howdy! The sun continues to shine which makes me Tigger bouncy and it looks as though August is going to be another beautiful month…if not quite as glorious as July. Even more exciting – there’s a lot to do … Continue reading

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Leeds today: cows, books, cafe, fashion, Bugsy, fair, housing and band.

Hello Leeds! August is usually a bit of a slow month… not really seen much evidence of that this year. Anyway! The phrase ‘rogue cows’ means this story gets a mention: part of the M62 was closed yesterday as cows … Continue reading

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