Leeds today: markets, depressed cake, permits, Animals, parks, pride and finding.

Hello! Hopefully we’ll have a slightly more cheerful Friday for you after Wednesday’s unrelenting grim.

The fire at a recycling plant in Beeston has meant that LCC put into action a plan to make sure green bin collections had as little disruption as possible. In the meantime it looks like part of the site may have to be demolished as firefighters remained on site yesterday (and probably into today) keeping an eye on it as engineers assessed the damage. We have to applaud the way the fire was dealt with; some very clever traffic management and the fact that the fire was literally down the road from the fire station meant the incident was efficient and effective. Really well done, guys.

The City Talking has some info on how the recent applications for the Victoria Gate and White Rose developments went down with the planning committee. Victoria Gate seems pretty destined to happen, but the cinema and extension to Debenhams at the WRC didn’t go down quite so well.

Alas, the foodie pop-up restaurant We, The Animals has called it a day after two loss-making ventures. The combination of art and food is a brilliant one and after exploding onto the scene at Holy Trinity with a brilliant gin-soaked event the group has decided that enough is enough. Sad to see them go.

A permit scheme for getting rid of household waste at a tip was brought into effect yesterday by LCC. If you use a van, trailer or minibus or have a car with business writing on then you need to apply for a permit to take your rubbish to the tip. This is all fine – a bit faffy, but ok. But here’s the thing; you have to do it by post, in advance of when you want to dump stuff. I don’t know about you but when I want to take something to the tip it’s rarely planned; I’ve woken up in a fit of enthusiasm for gardening or knocking a wall down, or something. I suppose it’s a good job I don’t have logos on the car, really.

Leeds Pride is this weekend and The City Talking has a route map and guide to the gig. It’s always brilliant fun, but if you need a quiet space don’t forget that The Arch Cafe is hosting a vigil and slightly more chilled LGBT-friendly environment. Just watch out for traffic restrictions if you were thinking about getting the bus or driving into town.

Speaking of town, Phil Kirby on Culture Vultures has been asking “How do you know where you are and where you are going?” which is a perfectly valid question to ask people who have never been here before. There are three exits to the station – which is the right one for where you want to go? Brilliant writing;

You really want me to go down there? Are you mad! It looks like the opening scene from a low budget slasher movie. What the hell are those people carrying in that suspiciously corpse-sized bag? Where is that eerie light behind them coming from? […] If you were a sane human being who valued your continuing existence and this was your first impression of a new city the reasonable thing would be to back away sharpish and grab a ticket to the nearest possibility of civilisation … Doncaster.

Love Parks Week in Leeds celebrated Yorkshire Day with a picnic on Cross Flatts Park. It looked like a lot of fun!

South Leeds Life looks at paying for healthcare, something we’re all a bit concerned about at the moment. It’s worth reading this, as it highlights the fact that poorer areas will come off worse, but will inevitably start affecting the more affluent bits and until that happens nobody of power of influence will give the tiniest amount of concern. Y’know, until some bright spark decides to just burn down all the poor homes.

Seems like an appropriate moment to bring in the Depressed Cake Shop, then. The DCS will sell cakes decorated to the theme of mental illness and all money raised will go to Inkwell and Dial House, two very important and worthy mental health charities within Leeds. It sounds like a brilliant idea and hopefully many good things will come of it. Corn Exchange, from 10:30 on Sunday.

Also on Sunday – first of the month – is the Farmer’s and Craft Market on Briggate, and while we’re looking at the Markets, don’t forget they’ve got loads of family fun things going on tomorrow – and other weekends throughout the summer – including cookery lessons, waterballs and the Fun Bus. Not quite so welcome is the reminder that Christmas is oncoming; the markets are looking for crafters, producers, arts groups, anything that could put on something as part of Winter Wonderleeds. These things need planning!

And we’re done for the news today. Chris Nickson has another of his fascinating history of Leeds articles this afternoon, and we hope you enjoy that and the rest of your weekend. Cheerio!

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