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Morning all! Hope that you enjoyed your weekends around Leeds (and beyond). I travelled to a wedding, and thankfully the heavens were kind and held out. It was a beautiful event, and really made me think, as a singleton, of the significance of marriage and the unity that it can bring to a couple. The fruit of years and years of campaigning and demonstration by the gay community and its supporters has only very recently materialized, with Royal Assent having been given to same-sex marriage in the UK, and my day was made even more poignant by the fact that the Leeds Gay Pride was simultaneously getting underway. The parade never fails to deliver, and I hope that many of you, regardless of sexual orientation, were able to join in and support the celebrations!

In the news, details have been disclosed about the money-saving plan to pull the plug on thousands of street lights at night-time in Leeds. Between midnight and 5.30am, areas of Leeds will have their street lighting turned off in the aim of saving the local authority £1m over the next 10 years. Mixed views have emerged on the matter- whilst the scheme is more environmentally friendly and saves money that could arguably be spent on better things, there are worries that street lighting curbs crime levels and that turning it off could raise crime rates across Leeds.

Leeds University is doing its best to avoid the student shortfall that it experienced last year, when there were more than 500 unfilled places due to unanticipated A-Level results. I personally haven’t noticed any lack of students around Leeds, though.

Take care, Leeds travellers! Alcohol-induced accidents have given Leeds City Station the title of being the UK’s number one rail network’s accident hotspot. A safety campaign has been launched, encouraging passengers to take more care when making their way home after nights out.

The Yorkshire Film Archive has been granted £52,400 for a new project, Filmed and Not Forgotten, which will enable the preservation of its First World War film collections. All of the films, and the stories of those in them, will be brought together in a screening and as an online exhibition. We’re looking forward to hearing/seeing more on this!

Its inspiring to hear that a Leeds community has started running its own free breakfast club to address the issue of food poverty. The Bramley Breakfast Club has been running at St Peter’s Church as a collaboration between eight churches and their parishioners with the support of local businesses.

Stuck for things to do now that the weather has turned? Leeds-list gives us a very helpful guide to little known art spaces, including lovely arts cafés where you can sip tea and eat cake whilst admiring local artwork displayed on the wall and offered for sale. Bliss for art and tea lovers.

On the subject of art, The City Talking brings us an interview with Derek Horton, one of the three people behind the new independent gallery &Model in Leeds City Centre. Horton summarises the aim of the gallery:

Our aim is to show contemporary visual art in all media, and other work that crosses the genres of art and design, bringing a diverse range of international artists to Leeds while also showcasing some of the cityʼs best young talent. We are developing an ambitious programme to enliven the visual arts culture of Leeds, working with an international network of artists and curators. Our aim is to bring art to the city that wouldn’t otherwise be seen here.

We would thoroughly recommend you pop in and see for yourself!

If you have the itch to escape the hustle and bustle city centre and enjoy some of the wonderful countryside that we’re lucky enough to have (almost) right on our doorstep, take a look at what’s on offer within an hour of Leeds.

The Culture Vulture brings to our attention the existence of alternative dining experiences in Leeds, like Gusto Italianio, a monthly ‘Taste of Italy’ night at Lazy Lounge. Said to be divine.

Finally, although Yorkshire Day was last week (much to the surprise of some of the people featured in the accompanying footage), I came across a quiz designed for the event. I had a go and I’m ashamed to say my score was embarrassingly low. For those of you who are intrigued to find out how much you really do know about God’s Own Country, give it a shot.

That’s about it for now, folks! See you Wednesday.

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