Leeds today: cows, books, cafe, fashion, Bugsy, fair, housing and band.

Hello Leeds! August is usually a bit of a slow month… not really seen much evidence of that this year. Anyway!

The phrase ‘rogue cows’ means this story gets a mention: part of the M62 was closed yesterday as cows were seen in a field. Ok, the field was right next to the crash barrier so they had obviously escaped from somewhere. Puns on twitter were, I’m afraid to say, indicitive of the mooooood.

Concerns have been raised over the potential demolition of a historic building in Headingley. The building is a former Thai restaurant on Shaw Lane, and plans have been put forwards to flatten it and put up a new block of luxury apartments, but objections are clear – the building is in the conservation zone and is of architectural interest. Let’s see how this runs.

BGL’s old friend Indie Ices is going on TV. The independant kulfi maker, who sells from Handpicked Hall (alongside many other fab indie producers like Thistlemist Farm and The Greedy Pig), was picked to be on Pies and Puds, to be aired later in the year.

There’s a new full-time orchestra for Leeds: the Leeds Orchestra Project, Britain’s newest symphony orchestra, is to give eager, young musicians fresh out of college the opportunity to hone their skills as part of a full-time orchestra based in the city. Over 1,500 instrumental musicians graduate each year and have to compete for a tiny number of openings in Britain’s orchestras, so a new one will be great for those graduates and for the city.

The City Beach opens tomorrow! Been looking forwards to this for ages.

Have you been watching that programme about council housing on Channel 4? Around this time last year they ran a series on empty homes, so I hope the same publicity brings action here, too. The number of people looking for affordable housing is astonishing (although the story is rather wider than that, of course). Anyway: its good to see new affordable housing going up in Leeds, although whether that’s truly affordable or just ‘affordable’ isn’t made clear.

Jeremy discusses housing, too – particularly flats – in South of the River.

This to do this weekend include:

The Leeds Library (the private library on Commercial Street) is having a book sale on Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Head through the door between Britannia and Paperchase. You may remember Chris Nickson wrote about the library a few months back for us on BGL – this is a good opportunity to drop in!

On a bookish note, if you fancy judging the Guardian First Book Award, head along to Waterstones Leeds on Monday night (12 August) for 7pm. I have no idea what’s involved, but I saw it on Twitter.

Café Scientifique at Leeds City Museum café on Sunday from 11.30am. The subject: How do animal species come about?

And finally, with a huge lead time, Leeds List has the details of this year’s Leeds Fashion Show, in October.

Ok, I think we’re done! Leeds Book Club will be rounding off the week this afternoon with their look at books and literature for the month and we’ll be back on Monday. Have a great weekend, and as always thanks for reading.

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