Leeds today: holidays, crime, bikes, recycling, boxes, Dock, parking and wildlife

Good morning! I hope this Monday morning finds you all well. There’s lots to report today!

I have taken a trip across the Mediterranean to Sicily, where I’m staying in the old town of Palermo. In national news I have been reading about the case of Domenico Rancadore, a top Mafia boss hailing from a town right next to Palermo, who fled to the UK and spent years living under a pseudonym. Even though I have felt safe wandering the cobbled the streets at night, the story of Rancadore has made me particularly conscious of the prevalent existence of organized crime and gangs around this city. Reading several news articles this weekend about organized/violent crimes in Leeds, such as the report that four men have been involved in gang-related robberies in Leeds City Centre, and that a shoplifter has been jailed for attacking a store worker with a knife,  has reminded me that even though Leeds (as a whole) is generally a safe and friendly city, its important to remain vigilant and to take the necessary precautions to stay safe!

On a more positive note (but, nevertheless, with safety still in mind!), plans to create a £30m, 14-mile cycle route running from east Leeds through west Leeds over to Bradford have been given the go-ahead. We love cycling and all the joys it brings, so we couldn’t be more happy about this. But remember: cycle hats are a must!

There was an outbreak of panic in over 8,000 households in south Leeds when it was thought that a shortage of green bin liners might prevent them from taking part in a groundbreaking recycling scheme. Its great to see that Leeds inhabitants are so keen on recycling, and luckily for the worried masses they will be able to continue their green pursuits.

Leeds has moved on from traditional red phone boxes to something new, blue and a whole lot more exciting. The new blue-toned phone boxes (reminiscent of Doctor Who’s TARDIS) are solar powered and emit free wifi signal to phones and laptops around Leeds. We like!

The revitalization and regeneration of the Leeds city landscape continues. Clarence Dock is being given one last chance to shine as it is set to be developed into multimillion point New Dock. We’re intrigued to see what the result will be.

Parking in Leeds is a nightmare. For those of you who find the stress of parking in Leeds too much to handle, there’s a new park-and-ride scheme planned for Elland Road. Proposals for the 800 space car park have been submitted to the council’s planning department. However, there have been concerns raised about the effect on air quality that the new park-and-ride will have.

Leeds City Council reports on the new affordable housing in Pudsey, west Leeds. The scheme is designed to provide much needed affordable homes in the city, as well as creating a number of new jobs for local people working on the scheme. On the subject of new housing, South Leeds Life offers an opinion on the new housing overlooking Holbeck Moor, due to be completed in a year or two.

There’s lots to be excited about right now, with many upcoming events in and around Leeds. Can’t be bothered to load up the car and travel on over to Scarborough to experience beach life? Thankfully, we’ve got a new beach installed in Millenium Square. With real sand, deckchairs and seaside rides and attractions, it seems as appealing to adults as it is for children, and it’s a hell of a lot closer than the coast. Unfortunately, the only thing missing is a place to paddle. If a dip in the sea is what you’re craving, the closest thing we’ve got in Leeds is the Ilkley Lido. Fun!

Leeds-list gives a great round up of all the goings-on around Leeds over the bank holiday weekend. They’ve forgotten to mention the Leeds West Indian Carnival, though, which we’re equally excited about.

The Independent gives us a poetic look at Harewood House, arguably our most majestic and beautiful stately home nearby.

Ever had a eureka moment when you have recognized a familiar part of Leeds gracing our TV screens? Leeds-list takes us on a star-studded tour of Leeds, identifying which TV shows have used Leeds as a backdrop.

That’s all for now, folks. I leave you with the story of some confused Leeds wildlife. Have a good week!

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    • We’re not on either side regarding bike helmet legislation and do believe that it is an individual cyclists’s right to decide whether to wear a helmet or not, but speaking as someone who has come off the bike more than once IMO it’s better to have it & not need it than need it and not have it. YMMV, and that’s fine. (Comment by Mike, not Hazel.)

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