Leeds today: results, libraries, Cloth, recording, bees, gambling, hidden and walking.

Friday! Let us get on with it.

A-level results day was yesterday, and if you want to see how Leeds schools did, here’s a breakdown by school from the YEP. Well done to all.

For those who went to (or work at) any of Leeds’ universities, do add pictures of the libraries to this Guardian Witness map. Photos of libraries are always lovely.

The Leeds Citizen tells us that the Council is in talks to buy the first White Cloth Hall, on Lower Kirkgate. This could be interesting – the state of the WCH has been in limbo for a considerable number of years now and something needs to be done about it.

Success also for the Leeds Citizen, who after being denied permission to record Council meetings, has been allowed to record on a case-by-case basis for now, until the Council ‘develops a protocol on the issue’. It’s a bit of a mealy-mouthed result, but the right one, so well done to Mr Citizen for persisting and also to LCC for seeing sense.

More urban meadows are being developed to attract pollinators. They provide nectar for pollinating insects and also act as ‘wildlife corridors’ in what can otherwise be busy, built-up areas. They can be pleasant oases of calm, and are well worth seeking out (but carefully).

Here’s a title we really don’t want! Leeds is the gambling capital of Yorkshire due to the huge number of gaming machines that are found in bookies and “amusement arcades”. I had no idea that some of these machine will take £100 as a stake. This is just… you know, when I was a kid amusement arcades were full of “Gauntlet” and “Rampage” machines. And “Wardner”, which ate more of my 20p pieces than I care to admit.

The Lumiere site is going to be bought by developers wanting to build an ‘iconic’ building. Trying not to be cynical, but we’ve heard this before. And I’d like to go a whole twelve months without seeing cranes on the skyline.

The Elland Road Park and Ride scheme have submitted detailed plans of how this is going to work.

Leeds List continues a series of articles on finding the slightly more hidden and unusual things going on in Leeds. These really are worth reading.

On Saturday the M&S Archive is displaying 1950s fashions, 11am to 3pm. Funnily enough, I (Alison) would be more likely to buy these dresses than the stuff they currently sell…

Over on Culture Vultures, Phil Kirby discusses the pedestrian environment. Hilariously deadpan, and shows just how little regard planners seem to have for walkers when there are roads to be dealt with.

And finally, after the success of the bike rides earlier in the year there’s a series of Leeds SkyRides coming up, although I found the listings didn’t bring up the ones being mentioned, but hey-ho.

Right, that’s us done. It’s the third Sunday of the month on, erm, Sunday so there’ll be a Farmer’s Market on Briggate to enjoy. Have a good weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

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