Leeds today: heritage, building, baffles, clubs, flowers, wallaby, volunteering and stuff to do!

Glad we’re all still here after last night’s rather impressive storm!

Not quite Leeds, but funny for Friday: a wallaby has been spotted near Slaithwaite. I like the ‘how to identify’ section on the right, where you need to look at its teeth… I’m sure there’s a joke in there. Suggestions for marsupial puns welcome in the comments.

We’ve had a brief update on measures to ‘baffle’ high winds at Bridgewater Place. The report on the wind problem says:

[…] problems have mostly resulted in complaints from pedestrians 
being blown around but may have also potentially contributed to a lorry being blown over in March 2011 causing the death of a pedestrian and serious injury of another.

Given how high-sided vehicles have been routed around BWP since that incident this feels like bet-hedging, but at least it was recognised.

The City Talking has a round-up of building projects across Leeds. I opened my blinds the other morning and thought ‘was that large red crane there yesterday?’ It seems probably not.

Volunteers from Kirkstall community garden are going to begin working on community flower beds at Kirkstall Abbey, along with edible beds too. The group are after volunteers to help work at the Abbey beds, as well as other projects they have on the go too. They’re good folk, check them out.

The ultimate dance club, apparently, is coming to Leeds. Control is showing up on a 25,000 sqft purpose-built space on Cardigan Fields. Handy for all those students who don’t want to head into town, I guess.

The YEP is reporting on Walkabout on Cookridge St closing. The huge site was split into two a few years back but I’ll be honest, I’d not seen the Massey Bookseller open for a long, long time.

Work has begun on The University of Leeds’ new library. Woodhouse lane is going to be pretty stressy for the next few months, and the library isn’t quite what people of my generation would consider to be a library, but it will be great when it’s all done.

South Leeds Life has written on volunteering this week (and also mentions the sad death of Richie O’Coy, stalwart of The Hunslet Club).

Traditionally you should all be stuck on motorways in hot cars for most of the weekend, but if you’re more sensible and stay in this lovely city of ours, here are some ideas:

Finally, a heads-up for the Heritage Open Days which are only a few weeks away. How did that happen so quickly? This year is just belting past.

Don’t forget, we don’t work bank holidays so we’ll see you next Wednesday! Have a great weekend and try and avoid the sunburn.

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