Leeds today: robots, salt, transport, revivals, policing, big dog, mud and comedy.

Hello! We hope you enjoyed the long weekend – we certainly did, exploring places we’d not been to before and trying to hunt down some odds and ends – and didn’t get too caught up in the mudfest that was the train station on Monday!

Speaking of the mud – and there was a lot of it – LCC are going to have “discussions” with the Leeds Festival organisers after over 200 pairs of boots and an awful lot of mud was left between Neville St and the train station by festivalgoers. The implication is that some (if not all) of the clean-up costs will be landed on the organisers. No idea what Network Rail makes of it all, though.

Offhanding the costs of things to those who cause those things to happen is a bit of a theme this week: The Leeds Citizen reports that the plans to make bars pay for policing is up for discussion at LCC exec on the 4th.

A giant fibreglass statue of a dog has been stolen from outside a hotel, reports the YEP. If you see one – which is supposed to be advertising the benefits of regular worming – then I’m sure the police would like to hear about it.

We like Playful Leeds here at BGL, and their latest idea is a bit of a doozy: bringing a giant robot to Leeds. The idea is to bid for Cygan, or Gygan, or even Mr Moto if you saw it at a Ford dealership in Leeds during the 60s (and if you did we’d love to hear from you!) at Christies next week, and if it is won an arts programme will be built up around our very own “Robot in Residence”. It does need funding (details on the webpage), but it’s a lovely idea that we can all get behind.

Apparently the reason places like Handpicked Hall are thriving at the moment is because of the Leeds Arena. Hm. I suppose it’s possible. It’s more likely that people are having fun shopping for quirky gifts and having tasty brunches than “The Arena”, but what do I know.

The weekend saw many festivals and carnivals, and they were all pretty awesome, but one that didn’t get much coverage (until something went wrong) was the Middleton Railway Festival of Transport, as reviewed by South Leeds Life.

Coming up: what we think might be Leeds’s first ever piece of immersive cinema. Salt Song combines film, live music and spoken word – to evoke memories of being in the sea, following a woman making (an epic) journey to forget via a chorus of mermaids (Royst Trio from Norway) and a lobster on the run. The Hyde Park Picture House has two dates for this really exciting performance that starts outside the cinema and works its way indoors.

Finally, Leeds List has some ways of keeping the summer going in these final days of August.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Friday! Cheerio.

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