Leeds today: clanger, CAAF, babe, Kermode, a bear, readership, slots, bedroom tax and Scotland.

Hello! Welcome to Friday! Let’s start the day with something to make you cross.

Shock! Horror! The ‘Bedroom tax’ is skewed against the North. Note this bit:

“The mismatch between people living in overcrowded homes who need to swap with those who have a spare room works only on paper and nationally … In reality, to make it work you would have to move thousands of families thousands of miles.”

But of course the Tories wouldn’t be trying to move loads of poor families out of London, would they…?

Meanwhile, the Council is looking at solutions to help those affected, and a Shelter report calls for more shared ownership homes for families in Yorkshire, for those priced out of the housing market.

In other news, we’re now in an alliance with Scotland: hurrah!

Shock! Allotment holders are not in favour of a rent increase as the Council considers scrapping subsidies in this year’s spending cuts. I wonder, though, if the health benefits of gardening/fresh air that might be lost are taken into account in decisions like this.

Volunteers are wanted for an industrial history research project at The Tetley. No prior experience necessary.

There’s a betting shop in the bottom of my building and when I first moved in I was amazed to see people queuing outside early in the morning waiting for it to open. If, as Jeremy on South Leeds Life says, ‘[Fixed odds betting terminals] have been called the crack-cocaine of gambling’, this explains their impatience to get in. South of the River discusses gambling, including the income from the future Super Casino.

The Leeds Citizen highlights falls in readership of the Yorkshire Post. From my own point of view, when looking for interesting tidbits for you guys, I find the YP website to be fairly uninformative, dominated by celebrity rubbish and sport, while the YEP has the real news and more localised information. Presumably the same stories are on both sites, but the YP has different priorities for its ‘front page’.

Tickets go on sale this morning for Mark Kermode at the Hyde Park Picture House on 4 November. Very, very interesting. Sadly, I’m already doing something that night. Tickets are bound to be snapped up, so look sharp. Also at the HPPH is Salt Song* and we have a few more details for you; a fortune teller, roving raconteurs, candy floss, a bear (not a real bear) and lots of playful Institute of Crazy Dancing inspired fun. Oh and chips. Here, have a video.

Chapel Allerton Arts Festival is ongoing this weekend, and Harewood House has a performance of Babe the Sheep Pig. Awww…

Finally, if it has been a long week (despite being short), or you’re having a bad day, there is a giant Clanger outside the Hilton on Neville St today. See: now you feel much better, right? Anyway, the Clanger is collecting for Yorkshire Cancer Research – go and say hello!

And we’re done for today. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Monday!

* eagle-eyed readers will notice that we mentioned this on Weds, too. It’s worth repeating!

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