Leeds today: bots, running, quiz, delivery, potholes, beer fest, Eclectica, arts and visiting.

Hello! Hope you’re enjoying this brief reprise of summer, I know I certainly am. I get to wear shorts for another week, which is just brilliant. Anyway.

First things first: Yorkshire is currently the top holiday destination in Europe for 2013. Let’s just sit back and enjoy that thought for a second.

Ok, now we’re all edified and thinking happy thoughts, the Leeds Citizen looks at how the Yorkshire Festival funding component of the Tour de France is going to be spent. Is it going on small, indie arts programmes? Well… it might. There is pots of cash available for that sort of thing – read the article for more details on funding opportunities.

With all this going on it’s almost no surprise at all that Leeds will miss out on funds being made available for fixing potholes – you know, because bikes aren’t affected by potholes – because the formula that calculates it is biased towards the South.

An interesting idea, which will inevitably lead to debate; LCC is planning on selling off external services in order to run at a profit. I’m not sure how this would work – better minds than mine are probably already working on explaining it – but it seems like something that might come off, assuming that execs don’t spend all the profits on expensive trips to, say, Boston.

Also in the YEP is the somewhat troubling news that 4,000 new school places are going to be needed over the next three years. That sounds like an awful lot – I guess this current round of baby boom is really happening, then.

Fancy a job? Crista Ackroyd’s old job is being advertised on the BBC’s website.

Right, let’s do some fun stuff.

Today is the last day you can pledge to bring Cygan back to Leeds! It’s getting there – your help could bring the ‘bot!

We are absurdly excited about the Leeds Beer Festival this week.


Not only will there be loads of exciting beers to try, but:

In the early part of this year the beer festival also introduced a new homebrew competition and invited home brewers from Yorkshire to take on their counterparts in Lancashire. The winning beer from each county has now been professionally brewed, in Yorkshire by festival partner Kirkstall Brewery and in Lancashire by Quantum Brewery. The two beers will go head to head at this year’s festival where audiences will vote on the winner.

Loving the sound of that.

Wharf Chambers are running Eclectica III this weekend, a charity gig to raise money for PAFRAS. The gig purposely aims to have the most ridiculous mix of musical styles all on one bill, to appeal to the widest possible audience. Saturday’s event has an indie-pop band called Motorcycle Display Team who are coming up from London, and two Leeds-based bands; junglists Hayashi, and deranged electro-punk lunacy from Petrol Bastard. There’ve also got a performance poet to shoehorn in somewhere – along with curry, cake and a prize raffle. Culture Vultures has the skinny on the headliners – this should be a brilliant weekender.

Tonight sees LadyFest Leeds having their second pub quiz fundraiser at East of Arcadia from 9pm. It’s 50p entry per person and you can win a gallon of beer. We’ll have more on LadyFest’s main event in October soon.

Two running things for next week: Leeds Barefoot Runners are starting a regular run from the 15th, and Space2 are organising running sessions for beginners, free of charge at Fearnville Leisure Centre, starting on the 11th.

Finally today, Leeds Markets have introduced a delivery service. Brilliant. I know just how hard it is lugging a sack of spuds home from the market.

That’s us done until Friday! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you then.

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