Leeds today: brekkie, dinosaurs, halls, clock, arena, Hyperspace, beer, Tri and cafe sci.

We’ve had a truly glorious summer, but autumn appears to have arrived: falling leaves, warm boots and big jumpers – what’s not to like?

First of all: eat your breakfast!

Arrrrgghhh! There’s a T-Rex roaming round the Merrion Centre. I have no idea why, or how, or what, but go see for yourself today at 1pm, or on Saturday 2pm, Sunday 1pm, and next Friday and Saturday at 1pm each day.

In what seems a fairly sensible requirement, the Council is asking that plans for new student accommodation take into account possible future oversupply. The property groups seem to disagree with the concept of forward planning, which probably tells us something about how we got into this financial mess in the first place. [sigh]

Speaking of students, in time for the return of the various university populations, I notice that Leeds Student website has had a rather fine makeover, while Leeds Trinity Student Union is having a relaunch.

The event details have appeared for Light Night on 4 October, with the Civic Hall turned into a giant clock projection. Exciting stuff!

Elton held the official opening concert at the Arena and I’ve not heard a single bad review of either concert or venue so far. Take a look at upcoming events there. I’m looking forward to seeing/hearing Danny Elfman playing music from the films of Tim Burton.

The Majestic is having a brief return to its roots as a cinema later this year, when a silent movie is played as part of the Hyperspace exhibition.

I’m increasingly seeing buildings in central Leeds shrouded in scaffolding, as the sparkly Trinity effect (and other influences, I’m sure) results in surrounding buildings being given a spruce-up. The opening of Handmade Hall in The Grand Arcade seems to have kick-started improvements at that end of the city, and now the arcade wants to bring its clock back to life.

So, what’s on this weekend?

Well, beer, obviously.

Classical Fantasia is Saturday night at Kirkstall Abbey. It is to be hoped that the rain all falls today instead (it certainly looks that way: ALL the rain.):

There’s a Paralympics celebration on Sunday at the John Charles Centre for Sport and the Leeds Triathlon in Roundhay Park also on Sunday.

There’s the monthly IronCupcake challenge on Sunday at the Adelphi. (Gosh, it’s all Sunday!)

Oh, and a heads-up for my all-time favourite film, Pan’s Labyrinth, showing in Sneaky Ciné on Sunday (!) at Outlaws Yacht Club. If you don’t know it, go see it: it’s AMAZING!

It’s Café Scientifique time again, this month on ‘mimicry and camouflage in nature’, at 11.30am in the City Museum café.

Then, in coming days/weeks:

A play, a pie and a pint begins at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Next week (12-15 September) sees the Heritage Open Days.

Finally, the Leeds Browncoats are having a charity screening of Serenity on Friday 27 September. Another really great movie.

Phew! Busy busy busy, as always. Until Monday…

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