Leeds today: film, curry, heritage, parking, winter, broadband, watches, finance and power.

Hello! It’s Friday, and here we are with some news & events for the last day of the working week (for some of us).

Leeds City Council is asking for your opinion on the budget again, after a good response last year. This time it involves just a couple of questions to find out if your priorities match those previously suggested.

Good news on high-speed broadband, although a minimum of 2Mbps doesn’t sound enough for all the things we expect to do online nowadays, does it?

I don’t do bling, and I couldn’t be less thrilled about yet another jewellery store, but the words ‘opening its first boutique outside London‘ always make me just a little proud: Leeds was the first choice outside the capital. Take a moment to feel good about that.

A tenant is being sought for the South Leeds Youth Hub in Belle Isle, as it isn’t getting enough use.

The student influx is only weeks away, so here’s a Fresher’s guide from the Culture Vulture.

A few weeks ago I found out that the Otley Run was not (as I had thought for the nearly three years I’ve lived here) an actual run. I had been all impressed whenever people mentioned it on Twitter, imagining them fit and healthy while I languished on the sofa with chocolate and a book. Not so much. So for anyone who doesn’t know about it, here’s a beginner’s guide.

If you have been doing a little to much of that sort of ‘activity’ rather than the more healthy type, take a look at the Council’s new free sport and fitness scheme.

Good news also on extra money for Leeds’ A&E departments to help cope with the winter pressures, via the Leeds Citizen.

New parking charges coming in have rather annoyed companies around The Calls.

Further news on parking: if you tend to use the Union Street car park, be warned that much of it is closed off at present, as various investigations are under way before work can begin on Victoria Gate (currently in planning stages). You might be interested to know that there is an old chapel somewhere on the western side of the site, which had a burial ground attached. Any remains there need to be found and moved before anything new can be built.

Next month is the No/Gloss Film Festival, so a little intro from Culture Vulture.

So, what’s on this weekend? Well, first up, the Heritage Open Days started yesterday and runs all weekend.

We also have the Curry Festival in Millennium Square. This is usually a bit of fun, but lower expectations for this as it can be disappointing.

Finally, I’ll leave you with South of the River this week, on the (very relevant in these austerity-hit times) subject of People Power.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Monday!

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