Leeds today: first-aid, HS2, privacy, divide, cinematography, area improvements, comedy, visual arts and undiscovered gems.

Morning all! I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend out and about in Leeds. It’s Monday and the start of the working week, alas. It also has also, quite suddenly, started to feel distinctively wintery, and I’ve noticed that the topic of SAD (aka seasonal affective disorder) has started leaking into my conversations. Well, here’s some news of local goings-on to briefly take your mind, and mine, off the onset of winter blues.

The time has come for Leeds to brush up on its first aid skills. It has been reported that more than half the city’s parents (although I suspect that this figure isn’t unique to Leeds) lack the first aid skills to save their child’s life were it in danger. Even more worryingly, nearly one fifth of parents in Leeds do not consider learning life-saving first aid as important. I sincerely hope those 20% of parents rapidly reconsider their position on the matter.

Amidst fears that Leeds and York will become a ‘bottleneck’ for services once the HS2 rail link is in place, the Government has been warned that a clearly defined vision needs to be drawn up, ensuring that Yorkshire’s ‘creaking’ transport infrastructure isn’t to be overwhelmed.

West Yorkshire police are taking measures to make investigations into their own staff breaching confidentiality and snooping on the force’s confidential databases. Its reported that a total of 141 probes have been carried out by West Yorkshire Police over the past two years.

On the subject of invasions of privacy, a row has erupted in the east Leeds village of Scholes, after residents awoke on Thursday morning to find that CCTV-esque cameras had gone up without warning on seven local roads. There are various theories about who is responsible for erecting the cameras, including one theory that they were installed by housing developers with the aim of gathering information about traffic levels in the local area.

Residents in Morley are up in arms about the council ‘U-turn’ which has lead to unpopular housing plans being given the go-ahead less than a month after the same plans panel rejected them.

The North-South divide looks likely to become a bigger issue after it has been revealed that the Government’s spending plans for 2015 will mean that councils in Yorkshire see their spending power reduced by £63 per person, compared to the £38 per head reduction in the South-East.

A new documentary aims to prove that West Yorkshire really was the birthplace of cinema. Seven years ago, Leeds-born David Wilkinson, film producer and former actor, embarked on a quest to restore the reputation of Louis Le Prince, a Leeds resident, heralded by many as ‘the Father of Cinematography’. The documentary investigates the curious story of Le Prince.

A further reminder for those to want to get active to sign up for the council’s new free sports scheme. Check it out here.

An insight its offered by Leeds-list into what is being done to improve the ‘run down’ areas of Leeds. The article investigates hopes to create a positive atmosphere in Hunslet through the power of community spirit.

The comedy scene in Leeds is perhaps overlooked and overshadowed by what goes on in comedy in the capital, but with comedy clubs thriving all over Leeds and numerous national comics playing at various city venues, the Culture Vulture argues that Leeds is actually a veritable spot for humour. A new sketch show comes to Leeds this weekend- check it out here!

There’s lots happening on the visual art front in Leeds at the minute, so be sure to take a look at this round up of the best exhibitions and events (especially if you’re a photography enthusiast).

Finally, if you’re keen to discover some tucked away gems that receive few visitors (for the time being), Leeds-list has run a great little list on the topic of undiscovered Leeds.

And that’s about all for now, folks! I hope you all have a great beginning-of-week.

‘Till Wednesday!


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