Leeds today: Fire, brainstorm, Spied, fashion, change, HS2, flooding and poverty.

Morning folks, we’re back, and lots of news has been building up in our absence.

Safety first: Leeds residents are being asked by West Yorkshire fire service to take even more care today as around 200 staff go on strike between noon and 4pm. The strike comes amidst a disagreement between the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) and the Government over unpopular plans to push the retirement age for servicemen from 55 to 60. You can find further info about how to take extra care here.

Also in the name of safety, inhabitants are being encouraged to put pen to paper to have their say on how flooding risk should be best managed across Leeds. A public consultation is currently underway to help to shape policies regarding localized flooding over the next six years.

The controversial issue of the wearing of the Muslim niqab is discussed from both perspectives in a report on the opinions of people in the West Yorkshire region.

After a series of blows for car owners/users in Leeds of late (re: increases in parking costs), finally some respite from the bad news: motorists in Yorkshire are being given a boost after two UK supermarkets (Asda and Tesco) have agreed to drop fuel prices.

Various causes of controversy are affecting Leeds:

Leeds campaigners are rarely at rest for long; angry locals have taken a stand against the proposed Leeds NGT Trolleybus scheme, set to start construction in 2016, claiming that dozens of mature trees would have to be cut down and green space lost to make way for the electrified bus route.

Further debates have been sparked after travellers have, once again, set up camp on land protected by a limited injunction. The arrival of around 30 caravans, cars and vans parked on land just off Kirkstall Road has sparked calls for police powers to be deployed more readily.

Finally, to keep updated on the debate surrounding the HS2 railway link: a senior Labour figure, Maria Eagle, has voiced support for the proposed rail link. The shadow transport secretary spoke up the day after the Labour shadow Treasury team increased the prospect of abandoning the plans. The BBC has a nifty summary of the pros and cons.

The council is keen to remind people about the range of services on offer to residents for recycling or collecting waste products. The reminder has been issues after a Beeston man has been prosecuted for flytipping furniture. Rather than having donated the offending sofa to charity or having arranged a waste collection through the council, it was removed by the man’s colleagues on his request and was dumped on a piece of land in a neighbouring street.

In opinion, Leeds-list discusses the issue of homelessness in Leeds, and asks the question: as the nights grow colder, it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the many homeless people on the streets of Leeds – but should you give them your change?

On a positive note, South Leeds Life is launching a new campaign this week in an attempt to help those facing poverty in Leeds. The campaign, named ‘poverty busters’ aims to give a helping hand to people facing low wages, benefit cute and high interest lenders. Check it out here.

The ongoing construction in and around Leeds has got Leeds-list musing over what could have been, had other development plans for the city come to fruition.

We are reminded that October will see the 26th year of Black History Month. October will see the celebration of the history and contribution of black African and Caribbean communities and individuals. Read more here!

As the seasons change, its time to reassess our wardrobes and make the transition from summer get ups to woolen knits and coats. Need inspiration for how to make this a successful transition? Returning for its eighth year, upcoming Leeds Fashion Week is here to help (and entertain).

For fellow documentary junkies out there, a preview of the anticipated new documentary ‘Spied Upon’, directed by Jason Kirkpatrick, will be previewing at the Hyde Park Picture House on Sunday 13th October. The documentary explores the effects of undercover police work on targeted individuals.

Finally, for all the freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, sole-traders out there, if you’d fancy being involved in a collective group of similarly employed people to bounce your latest creative ideas off, to get some feedback or just to engage with other freelancers, then Leeds Brainstorming Club is for you. Take a look here.

Well, that’s all for now. See you Friday!

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  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for mentioning Leeds Brainstorming Club – I’m the organiser. More of us are working alone, in small teams or from home, so the idea is we get together every now and then and help each other out by brainstorming ideas.

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