Leeds today: light, faces, walking, scrap, tunnel, mental health, more tunnel, Temple Green and housing.

Morning! It’s a bit of a grey and miserable Wednesday out there at the moment, but we’ve got some news and views to make you warm and fuzzy, or at least incandescent with fury. So, let’s get to it!

After a review of how council housing was working LCC has finally taken back control of its housing stock. Three ALMOs were in place to manage the housing in Leeds and have done that job for the last 10 years, and the same staff who have done that job will be transferred to LCC. How well the ALMOs did the job is open to interpretation, but the differences between the landlords might take a while to become apparent.

The Leeds Citizen has some good news for supermarkets and retailers (who are huge) in Leeds. Effectively, the “supermarket levy” looks unlikely to be passed in the region, and also the “community infrastructure levy” turns out to be much less than originally envisioned.

Proposals for the redevelopment of Temple Green in east Leeds which were agreed in principle back in 2011 look like they’ve been put on hold for a further two years which has the knock-on effect of a detailed plan not becoming available until 2020. As the industrial park is supposed to bring 7,000 jobs to the area people are keen to see it get underway as quickly as possible, but…

The Ilkley Gazette has some hilarious news about plans to raise the speed limit in the tunnel that goes under the airport. The tunnel has a 30 limit which will be raised to 40 in the near future, but seeing as most drivers go through there at 40 anyway – or faster – then who is to say that people will be clocking considerably faster speeds when the officially sanctioned 40 limit is in place? You know what? I don’t want a plane landing on my car because someone crashed on one of the support struts in the tunnel. Just saying.

A new service run by Touchstone and Leeds Mind is opening in Leeds to help employers minimise workplace stress and help employees with mental health concerns. The Workplace Wellbeing service brings together and expands previously-available services and is led by people who have experience of mental health issues themselves. Well done, guys.

Speaking of mental health, the third Love Arts Leeds festival will be getting underway this evening with the official opening at 4pm in the Light. The aim of the festival is to get people thinking and talking about mental health and to reduce the related stigma that so many people experience, through art. It’s always a fantastic programme of events and well worth taking a look at.

Slightly out of the city, Standedge Tunnel is organising some slightly longer tours than usual into the tunnel so people can take a closer look at the hidden history of this incredible piece of work.

An artist who works in scrap metal will be exhibiting in his first solo show at Leeds Industrial Museum from Saturday. Could be interesting.

Leeds Lets Get Active is organising a series of “health walks” in a ten week block in different parts of the city. They start next Monday in Meanwood, Hunslet and Woodhouse Moor.

The Leeds Gallery has a new exhibition up; Lee Goater’s Anatomy of Autonomy, which aims to question the difference between who we are and how we are perceived. Working with a limited palette of shapes and features how well can we be perceived? Interesting questions – the exhibit is interactive and fun, but with serious undertones. Worth the visit.

Of course the huge thing is Leeds Light Night on Friday. We’ll have a special report (hopefully with slightly more accuracy than the YEPs) with some special things for our readers to look out for. Keep an eye on Friday’s BGL for that!

And we’re done for today. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Friday!

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