Leeds today: some news, and a lot of stuff about light night.

Hello! It’s Friday the 4th October, which means one thing: Light Night. But we’ll get to that in a second.

Changes are afoot to Leeds bowling greens! Six greens are going to be lost (although most of those will only affect sunbathing students) and season tickets are to be introduced.

A fundraiser tonight for Help for Heroes has started a storm in a teacup with the Royal British Legion, who didn’t want to go. Honestly, it’s like two groups of schoolchildren.

Are you enjoying Educating Yorkshire (Channel 4, Thursdays)? The Mirfield Reporter has an interview with star Ryan Ward who talks about politics, being 13 and deadpan humour.

Staying with schools, Leeds is opting out of a ruling by Education Secretary Michael Gove on children being taken out of school for family holidays. The ruling is squarely aimed at middle-class families who want a cheap week’s skiing but is affecting thousands of schoolchildren across the region who are undertaking hajj or visiting family on the other side of the world. This isn’t the first time LCC has decided to go against the ministry of education; Gove has threatened well-performing schools in Leeds with being turned into academies if they don’t agree with him. What a petty piece of work he is.

Last week South Leeds Life (alongside many other Leeds news blogging luminaries, although sadly not BGL) headed up to Middlesborough for Talk about Local, a conference(ish) about hyperlocal blogging:

…every blog has its own story. I suspect that the phrase “fed up with the local paper” crops up in many of them, there’s a good dose of the hippy or punk ethos (take your choice) of do-it-yourself and often a driving force of one or two people holding the thing together.

Morley Lit Fest starts its full programme today! We’ll have some words about that later on this afternoon.

Tomorrow, Skelton Grange is having an open day! We love TCV here at BGL towers and really recommend popping in to see what the score is there. Great for families.

Right, onto the Light Night things!

Artists from four Pyramid groups were asked to respond to various aspects of the song ‘Nellie the Elephant’ and the final results will be shown outside the Central Library, the City Museum and outside the Henry Moore Institute to find out how they got on.

Leeds running group Veggie Runners will be doing a series of art runs through the streets of Leeds, in glowsticks and reflective clothing. Join in! There’s 1.5 and 5k runs available, all starting off at Northern Dance.

We are seriously looking forwards to seeing Kirsty Ware’s Tiny Space at the Age UK building (and also having a cuppa and some cake in the cafe); just how significant are we in the universe?

Particularly excited about this: Phase Revival: an Optical Harmonica is a collaboration between artists, stage designers, a composer and physical chemists and will be in situ at Leeds City Museum, as well as actors re-enacting the Wonders of the Ancient World.

Leeds-based analogue filmmaker Cherry Kino is showing ‘Attraction’ at the Everyman every half hour. We’ve done work with Cherry Kino in the past and it is stunning stuff, well worth seeing. Also at Trinity will be taster sessions for The Narnia Experience, which promises to be enormous fun and beautiful work.

Finally, a trip down to the Corn Exchange will have to happen, to build some robots. Oh, yeah.

We’ll see you out and about tonight, no doubt! Have fun, stay safe, and appreciate the weather could have been so much worse…

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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