Leeds today: lights, roads, waste, fines, eating out, cinema, eyesores, locks, markets and wild

Morning all! Hope you had a pleasant weekend and managed to make the most of the fleeting day of sunshine we had yesterday. Hours of sunlight are diminishing as winter looms, and things are about to get even darker in Leeds; this week sees the beginning of the street light switch off in a bid to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. The scheme, part of a three-year programme, will see a total of 8,000 street lights turned off between midnight and 5.30am. The move has sparked debate, and I hope that the estimated saving of £1.3m over a 10 year period won’t be at the cost of pedestrian and road safety.

Speaking of roads, plans for a major new ring road, which will receive £1m of funding for a detailed blueprint, will move a step forward this week. The executive board is expected to give the go-ahead for continued work with developers to establish the £100m core funding for the project.

In addition to the new ring road plans, millions of pounds are on the brink of being ploughed into improving a busy Leeds roundabout. The £2.8m scheme will see traffic lights installed at Horsforth roundabout, needed to regulate traffic flow and decrease congestion.

Leeds City Council is celebrating after announcing a 23 per cent fall in the amount of household waste going to landfill. The report addressing the issue of household waste revealed that council targets had been met to increase the amount of rubbish being recycled and decrease the amount going to landfill.

The controversial governmental move to impose fines on parents who take their children out of school during term time to go on family holidays proved to be highly controversial; now Leeds city council has decided to reject the ruling, issuing a statement declaring that parents who remove their children for five or less days will not receive any fines.

Long-standing Leeds MP George Mudie, who has represented Leeds East for the past 11 years, will stand down at the next general election.

Leeds is already spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out, but two new restaurants are on the horizon. White Rose Shopping Centre is in the midst of constructing Handmade Burger and Prezzo; the £2m project is providing employment to 30 individuals, most of whom live locally.

We are very excited to hear that an historic Leeds landmark will return back to its roots as a new exhibition comes to town. The Majestic, a former cinema in the City Square seating 2,800 cinema-goers when opened in 1922, will open its doors again for a screening of The Eightfold Dot, by Dutchman Melvin Moti.

Leeds-list decided to take a look at constantly evolving Leeds City Centre from another angle in its assessment of the eyesores of Leeds.

On a more positive note: it’s not quite as well established or impressive as the Parisian Love Locks on Pont Des Arts Bridge, but Centenary Bridge in Leeds is playing host to an ever increasing sprinkling of love locks. Leeds-list reports…

Looking for something to do this week? Well, it’s lucky that we’ve been provided with a useful round-up of what’s what in visual arts this week. I’m particularly excited about the photography exhibition at White Cloth Gallery, showing a collection of images of life in Ghana.

Foodies should be sure to check out this inspiring list of market options in Leeds. The markets we have are a wonderful way of buying fresh, high quality foods whilst supporting local independent businesses. I would thoroughly recommend!

Markets are arguably as of much interest to history enthusiasts as they are to food lovers. Kirkgate market is a long established landmark of Leeds, housed within an architectural gem. If you’re interested in its history, you can find out more here.

Perhaps you’re a true gastro-adventurer and would revel in the opportunity to source your food products directly from Mother Earth. In that case, you’d definitely enjoy going on a wild food ramble at a secret location easily accessible from the city centre.

Well that’s about it for now! I’ll leave you with this little story about free edible treats at Leeds University Garden. ‘Till Wednesday!

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