Leeds today: hedges, trains, trolleys, sports fields, stripes, strategy, bar, photos and North.

Hello! It’s Wednesday, the day of the week we’re all looking forwards to. Or something. Anyway! Here’s some news.

Further calls that the HS2 economic case is flawed have been made by a group of MPs. The government spokesman in the article apparently has a way of seeing into the future.

Further train news includes a few tweaks to timetables by Northern Rail to accommodate delays caused by leaves. Yes, in order that timetable targets are met it turns out that it’s ok to change the timetables. Hilarity!

A bus company has renamed itself Yorkshire Tiger and painted its buses accordingly. Thing is, there’s not that many tigers in Yorkshire…

Still on the public transport theme, signs being put on about the trolleybus are being defaced with anti-trolleybus slogans. Of course there’s no suggestion that the vandalism is being carried out by anti-trolleybus groups, but one wonders who else it could be. Maybe elves.

The Council’s Master Plan has been published with the aim of getting the public to take a good hard look at it. This would be lovely if the instructions on getting the data – search for “core strategy” on leeds.gov.uk didn’t return 6900 results, none of which are dated bar the second result, which is from 2006.

The Leeds Citizen wonders about credible alternatives to Leeds and Partners who won an uncontested contract to look at inward investment. L&P were roundly criticised last year for not spending money wisely. Mr Citizen also notes that the Victoria Rd sports facilities formerly owned by LGHS looks set to be “developed” – turned into shops and houses – instead of being a much needed sports & rec facility for LS6.

Leeds List heads on down to 22-24 The Calls, an empty warehouse, legacy of the time that goods came into Leeds via the river. It’s now a pop-up bar. Worth popping in? Maybe. It won’t be cheap, though it will be gritty and “real”. Speaking of bars, BGL popped into the new Belgrave Music Hall the other day. Looks nice. Some interesting gigs coming up, too. It’s already been reviewed by many.

An incredible archive of photos has been published on the Secret Leeds website for all to see. The photos were taken in a flyby in the 1950s and shows what Leeds – not just the centre, but outskirts – was like 60ish years ago. Brilliant stuff that should be admired and preserved.

There’s an interesting event at Thwaite Mills on Sunday; a Hedgerow Festival. South Leeds Life tells us that there are chances to learn more about tree identification, bushcraft and apple pressing, and join in on a wild food walk and orchard trail. Sounds brilliant.

Culture Vultures has a review of the first quarter of Paul Morley’s The North, but the article is more about his recent showing at Ilkley. The idea of “The North” as a concept; it’s nothing new, but given how much of his career is based on being Northern he knows a bit about it. I should probably pick up a copy of the book.

Finally, Café Scientifique is this Sunday, 11.30am, at the City Museum café but there’s also an interesting new idea – Café Everythinque – being used by debaters and talkers everywhere that’s worthy of investigation.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Friday!

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  1. If anyone is interested in the popup bar on The Calls, we visited it a couple of weeks ago: http://leedsbeer.info/brooklyn-brewery-popup/

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