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Hello! It’s Friday. We’re in a bit of a rush today so I’ll just get on with it.

South Leeds Life has a few words to say on Tommy Robinson and Unite Against Fascism this week. An interesting read on the link between football “supporter” violence and the EDL.

About My Area interviews Andy Cowans of Toy Club who works in areas of Leeds that are at risk of high-interest door-step lenders to sell toys at zero interest rates. With Christmas coming up this is a useful read.

Black and White images at the White Cloth Gallery are the focus of a historical piece in the Post. B&W is a fascinating medium to work in and these historical photos are always striking.

According to the YEP Leeds is high in the Lifestyle League, although the gap between rich and poor is quite striking. This leads onto a fascinating piece where the YEP is starting a campaign to champion the small businesses that are essential to the Yorkshire economy. Good for them!

Science Week is returning to The Otley Courthouse in a few weeks time and the Wharfedale Observer has some details about that. I can’t believe it’s been a year already.

Over on Culture Vultures Phil Kirby looks at the Blog North shortlist and asks where the harm is in blogging? (ans: far less than in mainstream media, we suspect.)

A brilliant project next: Men in Sheds is a fully equipped workshop for men aged 55 or over who want to come and try out carpentry, wood turning, carving and whittling. It’s open on Mondays and Thursdays from 10.00am – 4.00pm at Barkston House in Holbeck.

Weekend tickets for the No/Gloss film festival are nearly sold out and the programme looks great if you’re a fan of indie cinema that makes you think.

It’s the last weekend of the Morley Literature Festival! Highlights this weekend are the hilarious Andy Kershaw talking about the adventure that has been his life and the incredible work of Rod Ellingworth & Ned Boulting to make British Cycling the powerhouse that it is today. Well worth going to both, and we look forwards to the festival returning next year.

Swim-Along-Cinema at Bramley Baths returns on 27 October.

photo: Lizzie Coombes

photo: Lizzie Coombes

They’re showing Ghostbusters! On a screen in a swimming pool! Look, you can’t get any cooler than this. I Love West Leeds is putting on the show.

On Saturday 19 October, Butlins Mineworkers Champion, Virtuosi GUS Band, opens the Leeds Best of Brass series at Morley Town Hall.

And finally today, here’s a video about the opening-next-week Trinity Kitchen. It does look good, I have to say.

Ok, we’re done for the news this week BUT Chris Nickson is back this afternoon with a piece on the Bug Van. Brilliant stuff. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next week.

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