Leeds today: sports, planning, trolleybus, Merrion, Kitchen, Hughes, Poetry, film, hallowe’en and Skeptics.

Morning! Wednesday is here and we’ve got news and events to share. Ready? Here we go.

South Leeds Sports Centre has finally been demolished. We always knew it would be. It’s a crying shame that nothing could be done despite the best efforts of residents and campaigners, and now that common ground is probably at risk too.

Meanwhile, the Leeds Citizen tells us of another sports ground decision pending. It seems that the expected fait accompli over the Hyde Park sports field isn’t quite as accompli as we thought, as LCC asks Sport England to take a closer look at the site. It probably won’t make any odds, though: Sport England seem to have washed their hands of the whole affair, despite one of the Board being a Leeds resident.

Speaking of demolition, here’s the list of trolleybus route work needed. On the list are the row of shops just north of the Victoria Road turnoff and that fancy dress shop in the old garage, which will be a blow to students who’ll have to go elsewhere to pick up inappropriate costumes to do the Otley Run in. Honestly, this list is much shorter than I thought it would be; I was expecting far more of the buildings between the Otley Road and Victoria Road to be flattened, as well as most of the Original Oak.

More redevelopment news, as the Merrion House revamp has been agreed. Looks like a new extension that knocks out the Fab Cafe (which I still “accidentally” call the Pig & Whistle).

The Cty Talking has some Trinity Kitchen photos – it looks a bit like a food court designed by a caravan fetishist, but I’ll go with that. The proof will be in the eating, of course.

It’s that time of year again, the annual Ted Hughes Festival, with a gig by The March Violets being one of the highlights. It’s like I’m back in the ’80s, taping Peel sessions off the radio.

Speaking of poetry, Poetry and Audience, the School of English poetry magazine, is sixty years old this week. They’ve run themed events around the birthday and end the celebrations on Saturday with a solid afternoon of poetry readings, talks, and forums on the past, present and future of P&A. Free, but you have to book – some events have filled up well in advance, so get your tickets sorted early.

Worth repeating: the No Gloss Film Festival is on this weekend.

If you’d not noticed the giant tent, The Lady Boys of Bangkok are back in Millennium Square too (which means the inevitable run up to the GCM is going to happen soon).

Hallowe’en is approaching, and someone told me about this yesterday: Scaregrounds, in Wakefield, which looks… interesting. Anyway, the Culture Vulture looks at the film options for the night. Some fun things going on.

Finally, Simon Singh is coming to Leeds Skeptics in the Pub on Sunday, 6pm, to talk about his new book on mathematical themes in The Simpsons. Tempting!

Ok, and we’re done for today… except not quite. This afternoon we’ve got a special from the Travelling Suitcase Library‘s own Jess Haigh about Ladyfest in Leeds. Keep an eye out for that!

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One Response to Leeds today: sports, planning, trolleybus, Merrion, Kitchen, Hughes, Poetry, film, hallowe’en and Skeptics.

  1. Resident & Eyrie regular says:

    I think it would be useful to take a more detailed look at the Leeds Council Planning Website to get the full picture on the devastation Trolleybus will cause – the YEP story doesn’t talk about all the green space lost outside the houses on Otley Old Road, the tree and green verge losses near the Police station, the new traffic interchange at Lawnswood Island, the loss of gardens, trees and road widening down Otley Road, the blocking off of Weetwood Lane at the Three Horseshoes pub, the demolitions behind the Arndale Centre, the loss of green frontage outside Hinsley Hall, the bizarre traffic diversion around Hyde Park pub and shops cutting into Woodhouse Moor, the blocks on traffic turns down Otley Road, the longer traffic lights affecting bus and car commuters etc etc.

    Time is running out to object to the plans. To stop the trolleybus, people in the area need to email or write a short letter to the Secretary of State for Transport:

    Other nearby residents groups have published guidance, for example http://www.westparkresidents.org.uk

    Where to write – make sure to do it before the October 31st deadline:


    Secretary of State for Transport
    c/o Transport and Works Act Orders Unit
    General Counsel’s Office
    Department for Transport
    Zone 1/18, Great Minster House
    33 Horseferry Road
    London SW1P 4DR

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