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Hello! It’s Friday and – as per usual – we’re in a rush. Here’s today’s news.

There’s a HS2 consultation today, from midday till 8pm, and tomorrow 10am-5pm, at The Met Hotel, King Street. Have an objection? Decisions are made by those who show up.

A massive pumpkin has been grown in Ilkley by someonw who bought a sad little pumkin plant from Morrisons (other supermarkets are available).

The Leeds Citizen covers the trolleybus protests yesterday and also (with a new writer!) takes a look at just how all those street food vans get into Trinity Kitchen. It’s quite cool.

Rachel Reeves is calling a meeting on housing which is starting to approach crisis point (although people have been saying this for years). With private sector rents reaching record highs, though (and how much has the HB bill been raised as a result?) some questions really do need to be asked and answered.

The Britain in Bloom results show that Garforth and Barwick-in-Elmet are very pretty places indeed.

The Place in Memory exhibit at Holy Trinity is finishing this weekend; have a read of one of the artist’s impressions of the Love Arts Leeds festival.

South Leeds Life says: Buy a brick and save our industrial heritage at Middleton Railway.

The Seacroft Food and Boot Market is starting up. No website yet, but organiser Nick Copland says:

This project is a local pop-up market that will provide an accessible, affordable, attractive community market for people in Seacroft. It will be a great place to shop, meet, eat, have a cuppa and get rid of all your clutter (and make a little extra cash). There will also be training and practical advice available for volunteers hoping to set up their own business.

The organisers are looking for people who want to put up a car boot or food stall; Seacroft residents get a deal on the tables.

Most of the produce will be provided and serviced by small businesses, but the cafe and fruit and veg stall will be the location for trainees and volunteers to try their hand at running a market stall. We are looking for Seacroft people to get involved, use the car boot stalls to shift some unwanted items, and support this community market. The first event is 24th November.

For more details contact Nicola Greenan at Ls14 Trust on tel: 07513001502 or email: nicola@ls14trust.org.uk

Half term is approaching, allegedly (didn’t the kids just go back?!). Leeds-List have suggestions on what to do with the tinies. They also have news on a godless church arriving in Leeds. Looks interesting.

This weekend:

And we’re done for today. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Monday.

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