Leeds today: bikes, BOOM, bus, brassicas, burgers, baritones, boogeymen and broadcast.

Hello Wednesday! Always nice to get halfway through the week. Let’s do some news.

The Tour de France route is to be announced today. Of course lots of Yorkshire journos are in Paris for the announcements, so there’ll be lots of detail coming today (although we already know the Yorkshire route anyway).

Charity shop Emmaus Leeds found a WWII shell yesterday (video). You hear this sort of story and think “yeah, right” and then it actually happens: someone brings in a box of bric-a-brac which contains a UXB or tank shell which is still live found in grandad’s shed and thrown in with all the other stuff that’s being taken to the charity shop without anybody noticing.

Leeds College of Art is losing land to the trolleybus… and isn’t pleased! The building on Blenheim Walk was recently refurbished and the main entrance and a fire exit will be compromised. NGT say they’ve been trying to have a meeting about this since June; the college say the first they heard about it was considerably more recently.

The Park and Ride is set to go ahead but read that final line in the article. If people who don’t know Leeds United’s match timetable – the BGL editor lives ten minutes away from Elland Road and has no idea when matches are supposed to be on – come into Leeds expecting a park and ride and don’t find one, in fact find a morass of dense traffic trying to get to a football match, what happens then? The first time this happens you may as well bring a picnic basket and sleeping bag; after that, nobody will use the P&R just in case there’s a match on.

Leeds-List does vegetarian restaurants, although there’s nothing new there. I get excited when the Greedy Pig does pop-up veggie dining, or suddenly a veggie special shows up at Kendall’s. Surely there has to be space for a good, classic veggie restaurant to combat the plethora of bbq places that have opened up recently?

Saying that, a new hamburger restaurant hopes to set up on Albion Place. Hmph.

Two from the Leeds Citizen: calls for councillors to allow recording of public meetings have come from Leeds University lecturers, and bus lane cameras are being rolled out to ten more sites in Leeds. Good. I sometimes think we need them in box junctions, too.

Wendy’s weekly Things to see and do has been published, with a definite approaching Hallowe’en theme.

Adel Players does ‘Nude with a Violin’ starting tonight; North Leeds News has details of the play while Culture Vultures takes a closer look at Noel Coward in general.

High Royds has inspired so many pieces of work over the years; a news one, Unheard Voices of High Royds is an exhibition at the Central Library that opened at the start of the month and we missed it. Go and see it, as it is beautiful.

A final note: Penny University has unfortunately been cancelled for this coming Sunday, but we hope it’ll be back next month.

Have a good day and we’ll see you on Friday, where we have a special guest: a Taiwanese visitor to Leeds tells us their impressions of the North of England. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Jonny says:

    looking forward to the burger place! I had to read the article as I dreamt up a similar idea when i was in Byron Bay in Australia and thought maybe someone had gone all ‘inception’ on me!

  2. The Copywr1ter says:

    Great work with this blog, I’m going to look forward to reading it from now on

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