Leeds today: building, markets, strangers, development, privatisation, floods, bikes, debt and spooky goings-on.

It’s Friday! Hoorah! On with the news.

Police are warning parents about attempted ‘grabs’ of schoolgirls. Be safe out there, please. You hear about this type of story every now and then, so it’s worth reminding children (of whatever gender): don’t talk to strangers, travel in groups, don’t accept rides or treats from people you don’t know, and if in doubt scream your head off.

The Leeds Sustainable Development Group have produced a prospectus of proposals for the Hunslet development – or ‘Leeds’ new south bank’. A quick look shows a ‘free’ school, a housing development next to the M621 and a “holistic framework”. Hm.

The East Coast railway has been a successfully run public company returning profits to the Treasury. Must be time to privatise, then.

The recently-christened Prince George has a Leeds-made toy box. Good for him.

The Parkinson Building turned pink in support of breast cancer research, in case you were wondering why it looks like, erm, well. Anyway.

The Council were busy green lighting and waving through scheme after scheme this week, including:

In case you missed the announcement on Wednesday, the full route of the Tour de France has been announced, but we really only care about the first bit 🙂

South of the River takes a look at debt and how best it can be managed. Worth reading. I mean, if you read one story from this blog post today read this one.

There are spooky goings on to suit every age and interest over Hallowe’en: Leeds Museums are doing lots of fun things for juniors next week, with dragons, scarecrows, and a brilliant-sounding trick-or-treating event at Temple Newsam. For grownups Leeds List points out places where you shouldn’t wear your costumes (but also where you can) whilst out on the booze. The everso marvellous I Love West Leeds festival are putting on a screening of Ghostbusters at Bramley Baths – the staff have been busy making costumes for that – which will be amazing, and the legendary OK Comics are putting on a Free Comic Day in the shop tomorrow, with lots of spooky-themed comics available.

But we can’t deny the rapid approach of Christmas. The Christkindelmarkt event will open on Friday 8 November in Millennium Square. And with that cheery thought, we’re done with the news for today. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to come back this afternoon for Liting Lin’s views on Leeds vs Taiwan. Have a good weekend!

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