Leeds today: weather, clocks, floods, loans, hospitals, bus lanes, parking, food poverty and films.

Good morning all! We have awoken to what is apparently the worst storm to hit England and Wales in years. Expect to contend with heavy rain and hurricane-force winds. Excellent! The clocks went back this weekend, meaning that we all got an additional hour sleep. On the downside, Leeds now descends into darkness at around 4.30pm. Winter is truly upon us.

Given the current onset of a storm, it seems particularly relevant that plans for new series of flood defences in Leeds have been given the green light. Structures will be build at various locations along the River Aire and Water Lane in Holbeck.

The new flood defences are part of series of decisions made by councilors last Thursday that have paved the way for changes in the Leeds city landscape. Other plans include a park and ride and new office schemes.

Campaigners want to see changes in the law when it comes to ‘payday’ lenders. They want to make it harder for loan sharks to garner business in especially vulnerable communities around Leeds.

Hospital standards in Leeds are being investigated over high rates of the potentially fatal bug Clostridium difficile. Reports indicate that there have been high numbers of whistleblowing alerts by staff. Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is among 24 in the country with the highest risk. In other hospital news, patients can now ‘check-in’ for their appointment at self-service kiosks. Now there’s no queuing necessary to confirm your arrival.

It has been revealed that bus lane penalties for drivers in Leeds managed to rake in £1.2m for the council last year. Council chiefs are upping the ante with place to almost doubt the number of enforcement cameras and issue automatic fines for illegal U-turns and misusing box junctions. It seems to me that the council might first want to turn their attention to providing drivers in the city centre with sufficient signage and indication of where and when they can/cannot drive, as often the signs don’t appear until you’ve already arrived in a ‘prohibited zone’. Perhaps after that they might want to address the appalling one way systems we have running the entirety of the centre of town, which is so frustrating and difficult to navigate that potential visitors to the city centre are repelled. Just a thought.

It’s not only me feeling frustrated with the councils money-making schemes. Plans to charge for evening and Sunday parking in the city centre have been described as ‘crazy’ by a government minister, who argues that the proposal was ‘counter-productive’.

North Leeds News is reporting on the shortage of bone marrow donors in the Asian community, highlighting the story of Gaurav Bains.

The topic of food poverty in Leeds prompted food bank providers to come together last week to discuss methods of continuing to meet the demand for food and tackle food poverty.

In opinion this week, YEP considers the effects that the next stage of Help to Buy will have on first-time buyers and the property market as a whole in and around Leeds.

Leeds-list discusses the high prevalence of fancy-dressers in Leeds. It’s true: every evening hundreds of people (admittedly, almost all students) hit the town in fancy dress. We’re given the low down on where to go to make the most of costume-inventiveness, and where to go to avoid the phenomenon. Particularly relevant with Halloween just around the corner.

Shortly following Halloween: Bonfire night. Here’s a round-up of all the best places in and around Leeds to be on the 5th November.

One of the highlights of the year for me is when the German Market comes to town and opens its doors. The impending opening on Friday the 8th November is definitely one for the diaries.

We’re also treated to an inventive list of ‘unlikely combinations that just work’. Think ‘street food…indoors’, and other such combos.

Finally, if you can’t be facing outdoor activities given the current and anticipated dreary weather, then cinema could be a more appealing option. Leeds-list brings us a round up of what’s on, film-wise, in Leeds.

That’s all for now, folks! ‘Till Wednesday, have a great beginning-of-week!

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    Hi, LeedsKONP have responded about hospital standards and inspections http://leedskeepournhspublic.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/cqc-ltht-c-difficile/

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