Leeds today: spooky, visit, wind, benches, sports, filming, Peripherique and lights.

Hello! Wednesday! And it’s lovely out there. Perfect walking weather in my book. Alas, work needs to be done.

Yorkshire has been named the third best place to visit in the world by Lonely Planet, and the BBC has picked up on this in a positive manner. Obviously the London-centric Guardian can’t take this lying down, so have told us why it’s wrong (in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek way). I’m hoping Martin gets the chance to write a rebuttal, because frankly Yorkshire is the best place in the country to be.

A teeny tiny positive step further in resolving the wind tunnel problem at Bridgewater Place has happened, but this is taking way too long. It’s infuriating when people take credit for things they were only tangentally involved in, yet run a mile when you swap “credit” for “responsibility”.

The refurbishment of Bond Court is now complete, and The benches are also due to arrive in Dortmund Square this week. Bond Court does look very nice, it must be said, with chessboard paving flags around the edges of the petanque court and those lovely, lovely red birches.

The Leeds Citizen has more on the filming/recording of Council meetings, including support from Leeds MP Hilary Benn.

BBC Sports Personality of the Year is coming to the Arena, and tickets go on sale on Friday! Place your bets: Andy Murray? Chris Froome? Ellie Simmonds? (probably not Froome, he’d be the third cyclist on the trot to win it. If I were a betting chap I’d go Murray.)

For Mad Men fans, there’s an art exhibition at Leeds College of Art on Blenheim Walk – yes, the same site that last week we wrote about losing building frontage to the NGT. The exhibition is cracking, by the way – well worth a look.

Tomorrow’s Hallowe’en, and if you need a little inspiration for your pumpkin carving, take a look at these. Plenty of pumpkins in Kirkgate Market, by the by. If you’re thinking about something a little scarier, Skelton Grange is having a spooky evening in the woods (although I think they missed a trick not calling it “Skeleton Grange”).

Soon after that is Bonfire Night, and Leeds Inspired has a list of events including details of all the council-run displays across the city.

Last night was really rather chilly. LCC has plenty of good plans on getting winter ready.

I’m sure you know already, but just in case it has passed you by, the Leeds International Film Festival starts next week.

Basement Arts Project is presenting the final Peripherique talk of the year with Phil Hopkins who worked at the HMI in the 90s.

Your weekly things to see and do, from the lovely Wendy. Note particularly the Gothic Film Festival at Kirkstall Abbey.

Finally, we’re going into November, so I’d better start admitting that [whispers] Christmas is lurking around the corner. On 7 November the Christmas lights are switched on by a band/person (?) who is/are probably famous. We honestly have no idea.

Ok, we’re done for today! Have a great rest-of-week and we’ll see you on Friday. Thanks for reading!

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  1. smylers says:

    ‘The Guardian’ may be London-centric overall, but the author of that piece you linked to, Helen Pidd, certainly isn’t — see this article, her mission to combat Londoncentricity and promote the North: http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2013/mar/19/duty-made-move-back-north

    • Yep, we were being a bit T-i-C with that, too. Anyway, Helen’s from Lancashire so it’s no surprise that the article was really poking holes in how brilliant Yorkshire is 😉

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