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Leeds today: bus, Tetley, police, carers, party, cave, birthday, market, bake-off and arts funding.

Morning! It’s Friday, the end of another week and one more closer to the end of the year. Time is fleeting. But enough of that, let’s do some stuff. Metro have published their bus and train timetables over Xmas and … Continue reading

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Leeds today: food, sobbing, Narnia, festivals, markets, healthcare, newspapers, burning, Owl and archives.

Hello and welcome to Wednesday! Sorry we missed Monday – a mix of recovering from Thought Bubble and dayjob stopped things going the way we wanted it to. Never mind, let’s do some news! Today is Open Archives day as … Continue reading

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Leeds today: panto, trains, dancing, markets, film, TEDWomen, Cad Beeston, co-op and LIFF.

It’s Friday! Now you see me… Gosh, there is so much to tell you today, and South of the River, Jeremy feels the same way. He opts to discuss events at the Co-op Bank. The Leeds International Film Festival held … Continue reading

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Leeds today: kitchen, santa, baking, poster, Thought Bubble, lap dancing, trains, parks and Hull!

Morning! It’s *lovely* out there. Perfect walking weather. First of all, many congrats to Hull, which has been named the next UK City of Culture! This is brilliant for the city and its residents and we hope that the inevitable … Continue reading

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Leeds today: school, homes, police, jobs, Lumiere, meds, curry, cats, pile, cycling and records.

Hello all! Leeds has woken up to yet another gloomy Monday morning, and I’ve been hearing reports that this trend is set to worsen and last for a good few months to come.  So, I’ll try my best to brighten … Continue reading

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Leeds today: lions, skeptics, atlas, Rembrandt, SPOTY, vintage, Dash, baking, flags, Benn,

Hello and welcome to FRIDAY! Let’s talk about some fun things. The End is Nigh. York, 22 February 2014, apparently. Which does mean that you’ll have a bit of time to spot a Narnian lion roaming the streets of Leeds … Continue reading

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Leeds today: thanks, parking, shopping, southbank, kirkgate, firefighters, NHS, bins, authority and things to do.

Hellooo! Before we get stuck into today’s news, we’d just like to say thank you all for the lovely comments made by people on here, via email and twitter, and in person(!) about the closure announcement we made on Monday. … Continue reading

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BGL will be closing on Dec 20th. Sorry.

Hello, readers. It’s with a bit of a sad face that I am announcing the closure of BGL on Dec 20th, 2013. It’s been a great two-and-a-half years but the work involved in keeping BGL running and innovative and useful … Continue reading

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Leeds today: parking, report, 0844, trains, post, lunch, voting, Cornex, lights and xmas.

Hello all! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and managed to make the most of the cold but very sunny weather yesterday. And it’s back to work… As ever, Leeds residents are busy fighting various different battles. The … Continue reading

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The Monthly @Chrisnickson2: the mean streets of Leeds.

Pitfall St by Daniel Weir (danielweiresq) on Flickr (CC-NC) You’ve wandered around them and used their names without a thought, I’m sure. Everyone has. The streets of Leeds, I mean. But there’s a tale – often just a short one … Continue reading

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