Leeds today: parking, greenery, trains, markets, strikes, plans, care, bins, bonfires, rugby and singing.

What do you say when it’s the first of the month with an R in? Anyway, that. Welcome to Friday! And November? Eep. This year is going too quickly.

The big news today is all about parking charges. There’s been a (predicted, to be fair) dropping of the residential parking charges proposals. There’s been plenty of news about that this week; the initial charges may have been based on some wrong numbers, it has a bigger effect on the poor, it may be a bit dodgy until someone brings a high court ruling on it, that sort of thing. Still: if you live in a residential parking zone you won’t have to pay for a permit. Yay! But weekend and evening parking charges come into effect from 18 November. They’re surprisingly low charges, however: £2 after 6pm (compare this to York, which is startlingly expensive in the evenings) and £1 for under 4 hours on a Sunday, which compares very favourably with the commercial car parks in Leeds.

The Sovereign Street square is to get the go-ahead, bringing another valuable slice of greenery to the city centre. It does look nice, although not exactly where any visitors to the city might spot it.

The folderol chunters on, as MPs approve funding for HS2. The more I read about this the more I think that people are just trying to get their names on something that’ll last past their deaths. Immortality by train, that sort of thing. Anyway, the Secretary of State has signed off on the southern entrance to the train station. Leeds Citizen gives us some alternative viewpoints on the project and asks for yours.

The Moroccan market is due to return to Briggate, say Leeds Markets. This is a bit of fun and provides some much needed contrast to the ubiquitous German Christmas Markets which – and lets be honest here – is a beer tent with some fripperies around the outside.

A lot of people were watching the Educating Yorkshire programme; Mr Burton gets profiled in the Guardian.

University lecturers and ancillary staff were striking yesterday for a “fair pay” deal. And tonight is the turn of the fire fighters. Keep an eye on your bonfires, if you’re having them. And check your smoke alarms.

The Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum goes ahead, and South Leeds Life provides a view from the area. Could be a decent model for other areas of Leeds, perhaps? Speaking of local news, the North Leeds News blog has had a bit of a makeover and update.

This is a very interesting project; a care village at Seacroft Grange is opening this weekend. I’ve read about ‘care villages’ in other countries, with all amenities in close proximity. Such a good idea, so I hope it’s a success.

LCC has announced changes for bin collections in west, north-west and north-east Leeds. See your bin information pack for details.

With Hallowe’en safely behind us, next up is Bonfire Night. There are six public bonfires in parks this year.

Leeds Inspired has a list of visual art for autumn. Some very nifty-looking things on there, some of which BGL staffers may be involved in. Also, at the town hall from next Tuesday is an art exhibition for the Rugby League World Cup, which features ceramic sculpture by Leeds artist Mandy Long that captures the movement and physicality of sport. It does look worthy of popping in.

Finally, in South of the River, Jeremy joins a choir.

And we’re nearly done for the week, but this afternoon sees Leeds Book Club’s roundup of literary stuff that’s going on in November. Stick around for that! Thanks for reading. Cheerio!

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2 Responses to Leeds today: parking, greenery, trains, markets, strikes, plans, care, bins, bonfires, rugby and singing.

  1. On Sovereign Square: “It does look nice, although not exactly where any visitors to the city might spot it.”

    This will change when the station’s south entrance opens. Plans include landscaping of the areas around Neville Street which will almost back onto Sovereign Square. Hopefully this area (which is also part of the land in between City Station and the forthcoming New Lane HS2 Station) will become a major focus and a key part of the city centre in the years to come.

  2. J says:

    Perhaps they do want immortality by train, but who are we to complain when the government finally wants to put several billion into Leeds? It’ll transform the South Bank beyond recognition, and hugely reduce Leeds – Sheffield, Nottingham & Birmingham journeys. It also brings £1bn extra to make Leeds ‘HS2 ready’, which includes electrification of lines, more frequent/faster local services, cycle infrastructure and a new cycleway.

    However, you’re a little misguided on the reporting here. Funding for HS2 hasn’t been approved. This was the HS2 Preparation Bill, permitting government to spend money on planning the project. The Hybrid Bill for HS2 itself won’t go through until next year.

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