The monthly @LeedsBookClub: how is it winter again already?

So I’m in two minds as Bonfire Night races towards us – one the one hand, I can’t believe how quickly the year is flying by – I mean, it’s only *just* been Easter; on the other, I’ve kept my calendar clear for next year and I’m looking forward to at the very least a full season of sleep!

You know how you can live somewhere for years and years and never find out about the really good stuff? I’ve had one of those moments! The Leeds Owl Trail is a brilliant way of getting to know Leeds and its impressive history and heritage. Basically – if I’m reading this right – you stalk owls around the city centre. Not big wing-flappy sort of owls – the often far cooler decorative variety that reside on buildings and plinths!

Working closely with LBC long term buddies Leeds Libraries, Leeds Museum and Leeds Art Gallery Education – the trail is guaranteed to inform, entertain and delight. Now, I must admit I haven’t actually attended one yet – but how could it not be awesome! While there aren’t any dates up on the website for the next event – I’m now following on twitter for updates!

While I’m mentioning Leeds Libraries, did you know that there is now a wonderfully amazing spectacularly cool app available? You can find it HERE. I’m finding it to be a tremendously useful resource – so handy for renewing books when out and about, searching for must reads as well as providing information about the libraries and links to their social media.

Harewood House will be offering seasonal arts and crafts, stories and potato printing as part of its Autumn Glory celebrations from the 26th of October till the 3rd of November. There will also be a Big Draw event – a campaign to encourage everyone to draw, whether you’ve ever held a pencil before or not!

Oh and the 27th Leeds International Film Festival (LIFF27) will be taking place from the 6th to the 21st of November. Launching the event will be a 3D Opening Gala Preview showing of SF epic Gravity (Sandra Bullock and George Clooney). As always, the festival will be a celebration of the multi-forms of film entertainment – from documentaries to World cinema, new films and makers to familiar ones. Film buffs are sure to find something to whet their appetite across the festival strands – Official Selection, Retrospectives, Fanomenon, Cinema Versa and Short Film City.

Not strictly speaking a Leeds event – but an awesome one nonetheless (I know, it constantly amazes the way cool stuff happens outside of Leeds too!) – Haworth Village, home of the Bronte sisters, will be holding a Steampunk Weekend from the 23rd of November, in aid of Manorland Hospice.

This is NOT a Christmas related item. This is just a heads up that the delightful @Gazpachodragon will be hosting #YaYaAdvent again this year. You can read all about it HERE or sign up to get involved.

As for the book clubs – November is looking like a busy one – one last push before we take the month of December off. Well, I say off…

Our joint Christmas read this year will be Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Because it’s written by a local, it’s a true classic and it ties in beautifully with #SharingStories – the mental health book club that has been running throughout the year (drop Tom @ArtsMindsLeeds a line for more details!).

Also, we are very likely to be having a Christmas/end of year LBC bash in December. I shall fight with my calendar some more and let you know when in the next!

The Monthly’s

#WSwanLBC – Finally – after much confusion – ‘Regeneration’ by Pat Barker will be discussed on the 10th of November in the city centre.

#MedusaLBC – The superbly titled ‘Tenderness of Wolves’ by Stef Penney will provide our topic for the 13th of November in Horsforth.

#ArcadiaLBC – We’ll be ‘Heading out to Wonderful’ (by Robert Goolrich) on the 17th in Headingley.

The Themed

#LBCPuffins – Once again, the magnificent @isfromupnorth will host Puffins on the 12th of November for a chat about Terry Prachett’s ‘Wee Free Men’

#LBCOutlaws – Our crime, mysteries, thrillers and things that make you go ooooh continues on the 28th of November, when our intrepid readers will be dissecting ‘1974’ by David Peace.

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