Leeds today: heroes, money, walking, family trees, beards, shoplifting and sculpture.

Awfully late today; I am very sorry. Anyway, let’s do some news.

The YEP is reporting that Leeds CC and the regional LEP is putting in a funding bid of £100m for regeneration in Leeds and the region. The plan is to put jobs and transport front and centre, but some think this means most of the money will be pigeonholed into the East Leeds Expansion, instead of being used to develop existing brownfield sites and much-needed housing work in the inner city.

Chief Super Paul Money, via The Post is arguing that a slight rise in shoplifting can be blamed on on austerity measures put in place by the current Government.

Mr Money said: “In the last 12 months Leeds, along with most areas, has seen a very marginal increase in crime and it’s around specific crime that I would argue is driven by austerity. For instance, we are seeing an increase in shop theft. We have a large volume of that anyway in a place like Leeds but never before have we seen foodstuffs stolen in the quantities they are now. Asked if people were stealing to feed themselves, he said: “Yes. That’s a dynamic we haven’t seen before.”

November is traditionally the month where men throw away their razor in the name of charity. Hm. Anyway, NHS Leeds West CCG are growing face fungus to raise money for prostate and testicular cancer awareness. Not to be outdone the YEP is offering a “gents grooming package” to the “best” moustache cultivated (and sent in to the paper) during the month.

As mentioned last week, Mandy Long’s sculptures to celebrate the Rugby go on show tomorrow at the town hall. Definitely worth a look.

Also in the YEP today is a profile of the Enterprise Foundation, which offers fledgling businesses subsidised rents, as well as marketing tips and a mentor, to enable them to get their new ventures off the ground. Worth looking at, especially if you’re thinking about starting a new business.

St John’s Ambulance are on the lookout for first aid heroes who may have gone above and beyond to help someone in need of assistance. Winners will be celebrated in London at the end of the year.

Leeds-based creative artists Sara Teresa and Split Design are trying to get funding to produce a “family tree” of the businesses around Quarry Hill and Mabgate. This is a beautiful piece of work which will be distributed free to the people of Leeds if funding is found, and deserves a few quid of anybody’s money.

Finally today, what can we do to make Leeds a more walk-friendly city? That’s the question being asked by Culture Vultures after a review of Jeff Speck’s Walkable City. This led onto a few things (like “how to make it a better city for the disabled“), and will continue with a bit of a seriously fun event on Wednesday, a Cultural Conversation at the Carriageworks entitled “A Walk on the Leeds Side”. The plan is to find out what one thing people would like in order to make walking around easier. We’re probably showing up to this!

Ok, I think we’re done for today. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Wednesday!

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