Leeds today: adoption, markets, films, plaques, schools, homeless, mayor, bikes and parking.

Hello! It’s Friday, so we’re all a bit pleased about that, I’m sure. Let’s do some news!

It has finally been confirmed: the park and ride and city centre square projects have been approved, reports the Leeds Citizen. He also notes the parking permit idea has been dropped. Good.

Further to the Culture Vultures conversation on different methods of transport, currently discussing walking, Leeds List is looking at cycling in Leeds, while the Council wants your views on cycle parking in the city. I’m quite disappointed that safe places to stick your bike outside most shops are sadly lacking, personally – dropping of your bike at the train station seems a bit of a faff if you want to shop at the Merrion Centre.

It seems appropriate that Charlotte Williams is our new Leeds Children’s Mayor for 2013/14, with a pro-cycling manifesto. Well done!

The YEP reports on growing pressure on the Council to postpone Sunday and evening parking charges until more information has been gathered. Although, 650 signatures isn’t really much pressure, is it? There could (and probably should) be more people concerned about this.

LCC is launching “No second night out”, a project aiming to help the homeless. There’s a mildly disconcerting note, where ‘members of the public are being encouraged to play an active role in helping end rough sleeping through reporting sightings of rough sleepers to a newly launched telephone line’ which sounds a bit Orwell and after a disturbing intervention by police in London earlier in the year where homeless people who were sheltering were raided by police, forced out of their shelters and had all their possessions confiscated, actually makes me a bit concerned about its use. Hopefully this won’t be the case here.

If you would like to do something to help homeless folks,
The Leeds Rucksack Project might just have you covered.

It’s National Adoption Week, and on Saturday 9th, from 10-4pm, Leeds city council’s adoption team will be available in a special one day pop up stall at the customer service lounge at Trinity Leeds, near Trinity Kitchen. You can find out about adoption from the largest adoption service in the north, one with outstanding adoption support throughout the process.

People may be worried at the temporary closure for the Garden Gate pub but it’s just for repairs.

South & Central Leeds MP Hilary Benn is appearing at Holbeck Big Conversation tonight, St Matthew’s Community Centre, 6pm.

Jeremy on South of the River is talking about schools this week. This one will probably make you a bit cross.

Headingley Stadium gets a blue plaque to commemorate the first Challenge Cup Final in 1897. Great timing.

This looks interesting: Oblong cinema is a monthly(!) event in Woodhouse which invites local (Leeds & Yorks) filmmakers to show what they’ve been making.

In other film news, Outlaws Yacht Club is having a Studio Ghibli marathon on 10 November. Starts early.

There’s the Best of BE festival at the Holbeck Underground Ballroom, on Saturday. Could be interesting.

The Christmas market opens today on Millennium Square but you really don’t need us to tell you that.

Finally today, Sunday is Café Scientifique at Leeds City Museum, this month on Wildflowers and pollinators, from 11.30am

Chris is back this afternoon. Other than that we’ll see you on Monday! Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

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