Leeds today: school, homes, police, jobs, Lumiere, meds, curry, cats, pile, cycling and records.

Hello all! Leeds has woken up to yet another gloomy Monday morning, and I’ve been hearing reports that this trend is set to worsen and last for a good few months to come.  So, I’ll try my best to brighten your day with some news of what’s happening in and around the city.

Plans for a brand new primary school to be built on a former waste incinerator site in the inner city have been given the green light. The site has been approved as being totally safe to build on. The primary school is being constructed after Leeds Council heard that there was an urgent need for a new school in the areas of Harehills, where the birth rate continues to grow.

In other construction news, there will be no new homes built along one of Horsforth’s oldest roads after the plans were rejected by Leeds City Council. Campaigners who protested against the proposed plans are celebrating after a planning inspector ruled that the plans would disrupt the character and appearance of the conservation area at the site.

It has been revealed that West Yorkshire Police officers were to blame for 400 road crashes last year, which cost £240,000 in repairs to police vehicles. These figures are actually an improvement on previous figures; in 2009/10, 670 accidents occurred for which the police were to blame.

More than 1,000 jobs for young people are to be created in Leeds in a bid to tackle unemployment in the area. A cash injection of £4.6m will hopefully be an important step towards boosting the region’s economic recovery.

New plans for the failed Lumiere building project in Leeds have been announced. The previous plans for the site, which included the creation of one of Europe’s tallest residential buildings, were halted in 2008. Now, an 11-storey office block, accommodating 2,500 workers, is planned. The building will include a sky garden, restaurant, bars and a gym.

It has been reported that worrying numbers of patients are disregarding important information about the medication that they consume. People frequently take medication without having read the information leaflet provided alongside it. We’re warned that the implications of not reading medicine information can be severe.

Leeds is spoilt for curry houses, so perhaps it’s not surprising that two Leeds-based curry restaurants have been short-listed for the British Curry Awards 2013, nicknamed the ‘Curry Oscars’. Aagrah restaurant, in Quarry Hill, and Mango Vegetarian, in Wetherby, have both been nominated. Food for thought?

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry: a luxury cat hotel is to open near Leeds. Inclusive in the package are plasma screen TVs, showing virtual fish tanks and bird scenes, outdoor balconies, and an a la carte menu. Each has been designed to keep the cats well entertained whilst fretting owners are updated with their “progress” through emails and postcards.

Following on from a debate at The Culture Vulture about dividing lines of wealth and power in Leeds, South Leeds Life chips in, arguing that South Leeds is “the bottom of the pile”. The argument put very briefly is that the city’s decision makers almost all live north of the city centre, and as a result the south is largely neglected.

A particular source of anger and frustration in my life at this point in time is the impending introduction of parking charges on evenings and weekends; therefore I take every opportunity to supply critical articles on the topic. Nevertheless, I would be failing in my duty to provide two sides to the story if I refrained from mentioning articles that seem to support the idea. Leeds-list defends the charges as acting as a “deterrent for the greater good”…I’m yet to be convinced.

Leeds Cycling Campaign does pretty much what it says on the tin: campaigns for a better cycling experience in Leeds. Leeds-list talks to the chair of the campaign to ask a few questions about what they’re trying to achieve and why.

If you, like me, are finding yourself struggling for new things to do as the days get shorter and colder, then Leeds-list offers some suggestions for activities just outside of Leeds.

If you’re a music lover or you know someone who is, then make sure to head down to the Corn Exchange this weekend for the record fair. I’ll definitely be there!

Finally, with Christmas and New Year fast approaching, you might want to consider avoiding the consumer hell-holes of high street stores and instead opting to go independent when buying Christmas gifts. Leeds-list gives us a helpful roundup of the best independent shops in the city. We’re also given a guide to where the best places are to spend New Year’s Eve, for those who are filled with dread at the prospect of having to organize something for New Year’s.

That’s about all for now, folks! Have a great beginning-of-week. ‘Till Wednesday!

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3 Responses to Leeds today: school, homes, police, jobs, Lumiere, meds, curry, cats, pile, cycling and records.

  1. Bywater blog says:

    Is it the “birth rate” that is the cause of a new school needed in Harehills? Its only last week that the BBC aired a program about birth rates stabilising in wealthy countries.

  2. Steve Williamson says:

    ‘A particular source of anger and frustration in my life at this point in time is the impending introduction of parking charges on evenings and weekends;’ I’m tempted to say ‘you need to get out more’ but of course, that’s the problem!

    I’ve almost got tired (but not quite) of pointing out that the private sector have charged for parking on evenings and Sundays (which is what I think you mean!) since the dawn of car parks and now the public sector is following suit. Given the cash problems Leeds City Council is facing it seems to me this is much better way of raising money than many other options.

    You could, of course, go by bus, bike or motor bike and not have to pay car parking charges but then you would have to get out of your car!

    • One of the great things about BGL is that it’s written by many different writers so we do get many different opinions 🙂 some of us don’t drive into Leeds, some think it’ll stop people coming into town, some think the world is a better place without cars altogether.

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