Leeds today: panto, trains, dancing, markets, film, TEDWomen, Cad Beeston, co-op and LIFF.

It’s Friday! Now you see me…

Gosh, there is so much to tell you today, and South of the River, Jeremy feels the same way. He opts to discuss events at the Co-op Bank.

The Leeds International Film Festival held its closing gala last night. It’s all over for another year. The Rocket won the audience award, and the top 20 will be revealed soon, apparently. We are so lucky to have this quality of festival in Leeds, so three cheers for the organisers: hip hip…

Not directly about Leeds, but an interesting article in Guardian Northerner about the cost of living and the deranged viewpoint of the Tory Party… oh, wait, according to the cult of celebrity we’re not supposed to get political, right? Then let’s take a moment to recognise ‘the “heroic contribution” of the super-rich’.

An interesting (and unusual?) development in running the trains has emerged. We quite like this: LCC could take partial control over Northern and Trans-Pennine rail franchises over a deal being hammered out in Whitehall as we speak.

Good news for the city courtesy of two united universities who successfully won an annual training event for 3,000 newly graduated teachers to begin next year. Teachers drink like fishes, so the city’s bars will certainly be happy.

Cad Beeston is up for auction. Does anyone have around £175,000 to save it from the developers? Certainly the Friends of Stank Hall Barn are concerned about its future. Cad Beeston has been in private hands for years (in fact, it wasn’t really discovered until 1985 when someone took down a wall to find timbering) and has never been accessible to the public, but it would be a real shame to lose the oldest building in Leeds, no matter how much of it is actually left.

More on the lap-dance clubs, from the Leeds Citizen. This time it’s about judicial reviews and making compromises. This is going to rumble on and on…

The farmer’s market is to be on Briggate every Sunday in December, although we got this info via Twitter because it’s hidden on a different page to the one linked.

There’s also a craft market on Albion Place, too!

TEDWomen is on at The Tetley (which opens a week today) on Thursday 5 December. This is a fantastic thing which needs to be encouraged; TED is always entertaining and interesting, but can be quite male-heavy.

Sneaky Ciné is putting on Die Hard, Sunday 15 December, at Outlaws Yacht Club. Probably not one for the kiddies (although I was pretty much raised on this film, and it’s done me no harm).

A new exhibition opened yesterday at the Henry Moore Institute: Dennis Oppenheim – Thought Collision Factories. We’ve been looking forwards to this one for a while now.

It’s Panto time! (Oh no it isn’t, etc.) This year sees Jack and the Beanstalk cheering up families at the Grand.

Now, I know I’ve forgotten something… what is it? Ah, yes, the Thought Bubble Convention this weekend!

Finally, it’s the last Penny University of the year on Sunday, at Brewbar from 1:30!

… now you don’t. *vanishes in puff of green smoke*

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