Leeds today: food, sobbing, Narnia, festivals, markets, healthcare, newspapers, burning, Owl and archives.

Hello and welcome to Wednesday! Sorry we missed Monday – a mix of recovering from Thought Bubble and dayjob stopped things going the way we wanted it to. Never mind, let’s do some news!

Today is Open Archives day as the WYAS in Morley open their doors for a behind-the-scenes look at what they do there. It’s pretty cool and well worth popping in if you’re in Morley and have a spare hour.

Protests have been made over the closure of a Chapeltown GP surgery. The surgery has been closed by NHS England and is currently being staffed by locum doctors – although on at least one occasion they didn’t show up – for certain breaches in the contract. However, after local residents were signed up with different GPs a petition was drawn up which urges NHS England to reconsider.

After an awfully long time, most of which was spent being the butt of jokes, Bradford’s shopping centre build starts up again. The Westfield (or Broadway, depending on who you read) shopping centre was halted in 2008 and the resulting hole in the ground subsequently became known as “the swimming pool” for its tendency to flood during heavy rains.

LCC is giving young film-makers an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in front of David Dimbleby in this year’s Golden Owl awards. The awards, which are in their third year, are for people aged 3-19 who have made a short film since January this year. More details are on Breeze’s website.

The Grand Arcade’s Save the Grand Clock campaign has announced that there’s only one week until it chimes. The clock last chimed over 20 years ago.

The People’s Millions voting finishes tonight at midnight, and Better Leeds Communities would like your vote for their “Up Our Street” campaign to get kids playing more. (The explanation isn’t very clear on the website, but you’re voting in The People’s Millions – a joint Lottery/ITV fund – for projects to get up to £50k of funding; BLC is after one of those pots of money.)

Business Week has a comparison of the Christmas markets in Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. Perhaps they don’t do as well here because we’re more immune to buying similar things found in Aldi at a much more sensible price? Or maybe it is that Leeds isn’t as ambitious as the other cities – Manchester happily closes off city centre streets for weeks to fit their markets in, something you can’t quite imagine Leeds doing.

Speaking of Christmas (and we try not to before 1 December, but we’re nearly there), Culture Vulture has very indie Christmas gift ideas, many of which are brilliantly inventive and do a lot of tie-ins to Leeds bloggers, creators, twitterati, shops and charities.

Tonight at 5:30 the Henry Moore Institute will be setting off a fireworks sculpture outside in Victoria Gardens. This is part of the Stephen Cripps exhibition that they have on at the moment which does look really good.

We LOVE this: sale of The Sun newspaper has been banned from the University of Leeds Student Union. Reasonably sure that nobody bought it anyway, but like the residents of Liverpool, LUU is taking a stand. And good for them (they’ve also boycotted Nestle products for many, many years).

The Leeds Citizen looks at the trouble at Healthwatch Leeds and KPMG being called in to sort out Leeds’ hospitals’ finances. (Which always sounds like a scam to me. Auditors find a problem, who are then employed to fix it? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…)

There’s a Winter Festival at Skelton Grange on Friday 13th December. Looks like fun!

The City Talking’s weekly guide to See and Do has been published.

The Narnia Experience is up and running and – we understand – has sold out its entire run. This is incredible news and well done to all involved.

The Christmas movie screenings start at the Town Hall on 9 December (PDF), with It’s a Wonderful Life on 10 December. I’ll be the one sobbing helplessly at the back…

Finally today, tickets have been made available for a dinner by Food&_ and Lord Whitney on Sunday. Looks tasty and interesting!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Friday! Cheerio!

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