Leeds today: bus, Tetley, police, carers, party, cave, birthday, market, bake-off and arts funding.

Morning! It’s Friday, the end of another week and one more closer to the end of the year. Time is fleeting. But enough of that, let’s do some stuff.

Metro have published their bus and train timetables over Xmas and the New Year. Basically, don’t bank on getting a bus after 6pm on Xmas eve, and it looks like buses on boxing day are hilarious.

The Gruaniad reports on The Tetley reopening as an art gallery. I’m genuinely happy about this. I love the building and hope it does well.

It looks like (whether it’s true or not) Greg Mulholland is going to get told off for bringing the integrity of Otley town councillors into question. This is about proposals – supposedly meant to be kept secret – to close the police station. It turns out that there’s more to the issue, as you’d expect, including claims that Mr Mulholland is deliberately trying to undermine the council’s efforts to open up the town centre. This is going to run and run.

Apparently the government has ordered a review into the trolleybus scheme as it emerged up to 3,000 properties along the route could be affected. This is going to run and run…

Also in the YEP is a report on how full-time carers aren’t aware of benefits that they can claim, and in Leeds £11m annually is being missed out on by family members caring for loved ones. However, government policy is contradictory, leading to carers not claiming because they’ve been told their claims could be deducted from the caree’s allowances.

In happier news, Leeds is apparently the xmas party hotspot of the UK. Which might explain why it’s too damn busy everywhere and I can’t enjoy a quiet pint with a book any more.

The Ilkley Gazette reports on a new tourist attraction at Yeadon Tarn with the opening of a cave system with stalactites and stalagmites.

Affected by the wind on the way in this morning? The Halifax Courier (who are great at this) rounds up all the news on the M62 this morning.

Lovely to see that South Leeds Life is another year old! Well done, guys – here’s to many more birthdays.

The folks at Good For Leeds take a close look at the shopping available at Leeds Kirkgate Market, and despite the rumblings about the Moroccan street market not happening and all that malarkey they’re right, Kirkgate is brilliant.

If you’re free tomorrow please do have a go at the Great Leeds Festive Bake-Off at the Arch Cafe, with the opportunity to win fabulous prizes, or failing that just to eat some amazing cakes.

A bit of a heads-up for a long time in the future, to end with. There’s going to be a debate in February over the tricky needle that is arts funding in the city. There’s been a bit of this going round, especially after Alan Lane of Slung Low wrote about how their theatre company does money (well worth reading).

And that’s it for this week! We’ll see you on Monday – have a great weekend, all. And thanks, as always, for reading.

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