Leeds today: police, pop-ups, markets, rugby, bands, furniture, water, independence, Tetley and freelancers.

Hello! Wednesday! It occurred to me that time seems to be moving awfully quickly – there’s only about eight more BGL posts to go. Anyway.

Over on the Guardian the cry is Scotland, take us with you. I mean, really – London is like its own little country now and clearly nobody in Westminster gives the tiniest toss what happens in the regions (or “constituencies” as we like to call them), so why don’t we all claim to be part of Scottish territorial lands and just let the capital do its own thing without us?

The Guardian Northerner talks about The Tetley. We quite like it, although have yet to make it there for brekkie on a weekend.

Given how much money seems to have been wasted by some water companies on pipe plans (or “pipe dreams”, haha) Yorkshire Water is being brave in announcing a planned Leeds water pipe upgrade. Which affects 100 streets (ish) north of the river. Meanwhile, there’s going to be a rise in water prices in line with inflation instead of generating massively inflated profits by claiming “wholesale prices” or some such bobbins.

I had heard this on the grapevine, but haven’t seen it reported anywhere else. Leeds Metropolitan University’s new name has been properly approved.

Morley’s heritage needs a new, permanent home, according to the Morley Observer. Morley Heritage Centre has been homed in an empty shop since it opened earlier in the year but there’s been interest in the shop, so a new home must be found.

Previous objections to expansion at the White Rose centre appear to have been overcome, according to the Citizen.

If you run a social enterprise and need office furniture, sign up here. LCC may well be able to help link companies together.

The day I realised I was old: usually I at least recognise the headline band, but… who? Leeds Festival 2014 announces part of next year’s lineup.

The Rugby World Cup 2015 ticket prices are now known. Can’t quite get over how expensive seeing live sport is these days – it’s certainly more expensive than the theatre.

I spied the Elland Road police HQ development from the train the other day. It seems to be coming along nicely. As a consequence of their imminent move, therefore, Holbeck Police Station is up for sale.

Hepworth and Moore – new joint exhibition is coming up. Looks like fun!

Just Grand: Leeds-List review the vintage tearoom at Handpicked Hall. It’s not just me who’s getting a bit tired of all this twee gubbins, is it? Talking of Handpicked Hall, Leeds Trinity University are in support. On a similar note, a new pop-up space for independents is opening today: Lambert’s Yard. Anybody been? Anybody fancy letting us know what it’s like? Don’t say “twee”.

There have been various articles about the demise of German markets, so it’s interesting to see that Briggate will have a Winter Wonderland 17-day Christmas festival on 6-22 December, which looks rather more local and original. In fact, a recent survey from the Council for those taking part in their citizens’ panel asked for our opinions on the market and alternative ideas for Millennium Square pre-Christmas, so we may get something different next year…

There are numerous other events this week in The City Talking’s ‘Things to See and Do‘.

The twinkly lights are up, the tree is dressed. Now that we’re into December, the festive spirit is getting going, I feel. Leeds Inspired have a lovely list of xmassy doings, including music and film and theatre to warm your cockles.

If you feel you need to sing yourself, then the High Spirits choir is singing Christmas songs tonight at The Maven, 6.15-7.30pm. But, if a bit of singalong just doesn’t cut it, then hey, there’s always gin at the White Cloth Gallery.

Finally, for Leeds freelancers, you shall get a Christmas Party!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Friday (with our final Chris Nickson story). Cheerio!

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