Leeds today: triskadekaphobia, service, recycling, lapdancers, expansion, policing, supermarkets, voting, movies and culture.

Morning! Friday the thirteenth. Hm. Ok.

There was a service last night at Leeds Minster in memory of Nelson Mandela (leads to video). Two things, here: we reported on Leeds Parish Church being made a minster earlier in the year (although it’ll take a while for the name to change in people’s memory); and by all accounts all of the services for Mandela have been joyous, happy celebrations of a great man’s life. Good for them. Po-faced misery in the name of “respect” would have been an insult.

There is yet another new view on HS2, this time from the Commons transport committee. They say:

The cross-party committee said the risks of not going ahead with the scheme “significantly outweigh the risks of doing so”, and that serious thought should be given to building the second-phase section of the line – including the spur to Sheffield and Leeds – at the same time as the first phase London-to-Birmingham stretch.

Yes, quite: if the 2nd phase is not built at the same time as the first it probably won’t get built at all.

The lapdancing saga continues with a stay of execution for the clubs that were axed earlier on in the week and one of the owners fighting back in the courts. Really, the timing of this couldn’t have been worse – any closure of anything just before Christmas which involves job losses just gives the underdog another stick with which to beat the Man. Anyway.

Some school league tables have been published for Leeds and Wakefield, but it seems to show a growing “attainment gap” which needs to be addressed.

The Leeds Citizen told us last week about the possible expansion of the White Rose shopping centre, and now it has been approved in principle. The Citizen discusses the odd lack of objections at the meeting.

LCC wins points for an amusing advertising campaign for recycling, although oddly the accompanying picture is only on the main page.

Leeds Citizen has been rather busy this week, also talking about the shelving of plans ‘to introduce a tax on bars, pubs and clubs in Leeds to help pay for late-night policing’.

Leeds-List asks if the supermarkets are taking over, while on the Leeds Markets blog Rob Greenland, co-director of Leeds Empties, explains what he likes about our markets.

The voter registration deadline is fast approaching. Remember, if you don’t vote you don’t get the right to complain about the outcome!

There is an extravaganza of Christmas movies at Outlaws Yacht Club this Sunday, from midday, courtesy of Sneaky Cine.

And I leave you with cultural capital, South of the River.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. We at BGL towers will be having a fun weekend as it’s the editor’s 40th birthday tomorrow. We’ll see you on Monday, hopefully hangover free. Cheerio!

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