Lees today: voting, Royal Park, services, roads, indies, whisky, activity, carols and wildlife.

Good morning all! Hope that you all enjoyed your weekends. This is my (Hazel’s) final post for BGL :(. I’ll save my thank yous till the end and crack on with filling you in on what’s happening in and around Leeds.

To start with a REMINDER: the voter registration deadline is fast approaching! Make sure that you remember to send off the form to avoid a home visit by officers or, if you’re seriously unlucky, a £1000 fine. The deadline for the returned form is the 18th December (this Wednesday).

For the few months I’ve been following (and sharing with you) the fate of the old Royal Park Primary School building in Hyde Park. There was major protest against the decision to bulldoze the building, but nevertheless, the bulldozers are (disappointingly) set to move in after council bosses rejected a final attempt to turn the site into a community hub.

Leeds City Council is set to shutdown council buildings that are in low demand over the Christmas period. Non-essential services will be closed to reduce energy and building costs from 24th December until the New Year.

The proposals to expand the White Rose Shopping Centre (that I mentioned a few weeks back) have been given the go ahead by planning bosses. What does this mean? A new 12-screen cinema and various new restaurants, among other things.

Drivers in the city be warned- city centre streets are facing further closures in an attempt to boost the city’s night-time economy. The hope is that by pedestrianizing more of the city, more shoppers will be attracted to the ‘retail core’.

Leeds-list, ever the promoter of independent shops in Leeds, address the question: are the supermarkets taking over? The continuous growth of supermarket chains is squashing local businesses, as the supermarket monopoly undercuts independent shop prices and pushes local shops sourcing from local producers out of business.

The next few weeks will bring excessive food and alcohol intake, so here’s some additional inspiration…

Leeds-list brings a ‘whiskey drinker’s guide to Leeds’. It’s what it says on the tin: a list of recommended establishments where whiskey is done well.

On a similar, but less specific, note, we’re also gifted with a list of the all-time best bars in just outside of Leeds.

This post is appropriately named ‘screw the diet, it’s Christmas’. So if you’re after something particularly indulgent, then be sure to check this one out…

Once the post-Christmas food guilt sets in, you might feel obliged to get out and about and do something more active. In that case, take a look at recommended places to visit/ activities to get up to in the close by North York Moors.

Alternatively, there’s a wildlife photography exhibition at the Old Grammar School Gallery until the 31st December that definitely looks worth a visit.

If Christmas carols float your boat, then the Learning Trust in South Leeds will be hosting their annual carol concert at St Mary’s Church, Middleton at 6pm this Wednesday. The children’s choir, community choir and Salvation Army band will be performing.

That’s about it, folks! Thanks to everyone who has taken a bit of time out of their hectic Monday morning to read these posts, and to BGL editor Mike Wallis for taking me on board as part of the team, being endlessly helpful and encouraging and for taking the time to correct my sleepy post-weekend spelling errors every week!

I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas and New Years!

Over and out.

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  1. wmildenberger says:

    So sorry to see you go. I’ve really enjoyed your posts. Born in Leeds, I’ve lived in Toronto for more years than I care to remember, and you’ve brought me a little closer to home. Best Wishes, Gayda Jackson

  2. Nicola says:

    Likewise, thank you for the great posts and all the best for the future

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