Leeds today: tropics, Post, airport, trolleybus, loans, O’Toole, houses, polling, hustlers and arts.

Hello! Wednesday, and with just one more post to go before we shut up shop it’s starting to feel a bit like Christmas Party week. Thankfully no hangovers.

The Yorkshire Post building has been sold for a mere £2M. Apparently the new owner is currently seeking permission to turn it into a car park, but the end result is looking to be student flats. Hm.

While down south they bicker over which airport expands, Leeds Bradford Airport is getting more routes with Monarch Airlines. This is pretty nifty, although I had no idea that sort of capacity exists at LBA.

The YEP reports on more delays on the trolleybus; apparently the delay on getting the nod in 2015 has always been factored into LCC’s plans with construction to start in ’17 or ’18, but the (oh, please don’t be a forlorn hope) change in government in ’15 could throw everything out of the window – nobody knows what’ll happen.

My favourite place in Leeds, The Leeds Library, is preparing for its 250th birthday. North Leeds Life tells us all about it. If you’re not a member of the Leeds Library you really should be.

Peter O’Toole, who died earlier this week, speaks on video about growing up in Hunslet. It’s not a good view, but worth hearing.

Some interesting figures have arisen in a new report breaking down borrowing by postcode across the country. An area of Leeds has the most personal loans per person, which really isn’t good. However, it’s not the areas you think it is:

…people living in the Leeds postal sector of LS17, which includes Harewood and Moortown, owe an average of £1,516 in personal loans per head…

Keeping up with the Joneses costs a lot, it seems.

House prices in Yorkshire are increasing more slowly than elsewhere. Funny how this is reported as a bad thing, but seems rather good to me! Really, in order to get on the ladder these days you need to sell a kidney or something.

There have been some (long planned) changes to polling districts in Leeds. These changes aren’t going to affect the 8 parliamentary constituencies, however. Those changes are still in the pipeline for after the general election in 2015, though.

Leeds students are considering action to protest the government’s plans to privatise student loans. Hopefully there won’t be a repeat of the absurd scenes at UCL in London where the police showed up mob-handed to arrest, kettle, and use batons.

Northern Writer’s Award recipient Ben Myers talks about the sad fact that the modern writer has also to be a hustler. Worth a read, especially if you’re in the arts.

Highlights of 2013 from the Henry Moore Institute on Leeds Art Scene; they’ve had some cracking stuff this year.

Things to See and Do this week is pretty well populated with interesting things!

And we end today with Totally Tropical Christmas, from Friday at tropical World. Christmas in the warm. Lovely.

And that’s it from our brilliant, underappreciated researcher Alison Neale, who signs off with thanks to all those who make Leeds such a great place to live, with so many cultural, fun events and interesting experiments going on. Many thanks to Ally for all her help over the last year and we wish her well. (Yes, on Friday you get Mike’s farewells. We’re stringing this out a bit.)

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Friday!

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