How you can help

Do you have an interesting news story that you’d like us to feature?

Would you like to help out writing the daily news posts, where we go searching out for smaller news stories from the local press and blogs that should be getting more coverage?

Would you like to write a feature article (greater than 800 words) for the blog?

Can you offer more coverage, link to us, get us featured in more local blogs and publications?

Do you know of a local news story that needs  a little digging into before it’s suitable for publication? Or, do you need a mouthpiece for a story you’ve been patiently researching?

Are you tempted by the idea of being an investigative journalist but know the mainstream press won’t entertain your stories?


Please, get in touch. Or if you feel you can help in other ways, then also please let us know. You can always reach us by emailing


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